New shredlights

Did you guys see this. Unveiled on 6/12 looks bad ass I want better lights. I’m stoked.

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I like the look of the new mount system. I just got these

Need to figure out how i wanna hook them up.


If they’re bright enough I can see myself picking up a set. I hear they have good cs.


They have great CS I had an issue with one of my lights and they replaced it no questions asked.

They are now ESk8Miami sponsors and we are happy to have such a respectable vendor that sells great products be so generous as to sponsor us.

I’ve been using shredlights for a few years now and use them often as our group rides are 95% at night. All my lights still work even after all the years of abuse.


My only complaint about Shredlights is having to take them off the skate and charge them. And the cost is a bit high.

If they were wired and half as expensive, and run on 25VDC - 60VDC, then it’d be a no-brainer


I’m thinking about wiring it’s micro USB to a 5v converter with a switch in the middle so I could turn on the switch when they need charge


There are things in the works to be able to turn on & off a lights circuit from the wheel on a mini remote.

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lookin good, gonna have to make a shred light mount for trampa boards/bullbar

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the old shred lights were great lights when new but seemed to struggle with the long term abuse of skateboard riding. So many of my friends shred lights turn on or off randomly or have fallen off at some point during rides.

If they have improved these things then i could see these being a very popular option.


They are just torches right? At these prices I’m sure an alternative military grade light could be found and mounted.

Its 2019 chaps.


Definitely my experience as well. I ended up marking two functioning lights out of the 4 i bought because of different faults.
I think the price they ask for is just not displayed in the time they work without issues.

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Same here.

I bought front and back set and three failed with either intermittent lighting or missing one of the settings and I ride on mostly smooth af bike paths here.
They did of course replace them free of charge but then the same thing happened again and I couldn’t be bothered anymore to report it just to get new ones with the same problem again.

Customer service is great though.

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Do you know, guys, if Shredlights can be disassembled ? My plan is to only use the case and put my own lighting system inside.

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I’ve had shredlights on the front of my Icarus for at least (it’s way over) 1200 miles and I never had any problems at all with them, I see a lot of people saying they do fall off but strange it’s never happened to me


Maybe you just don’t shred hard enough.


Its quite possible mate :sweat_smile:


@Slak it’s possible like this


The cases can rip over time from taking them on and off since you have to stretch it on. The cracks can cause the light to fall. But the cases are very cheap to replace it’s just a little more than a dollar each for replacements.


Never had an issue with the og shredlights and ive had them for nearly 2 years. I have 2 complete sets and a pair of tailights on my wifes scooter. Oh, and yeah, I certainly do shred hard. Curious what improvements have been made…

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The last time I talked to Eric/ShredLights he showed me some prototypes, but looking at what he posted today, it doesn’t seem like it’s what he showed me last year which was a single unit, it had four LEDs in front and was a U shape that mounted around the baseplate

Can’t wait to see what’s coming. It looks like on/off button on the side and charge port with attached cover accessible while attached to mount?