Kushboard Sprint - Redember 44 | Avio MK1 Gear Drive | Dual SK3 192kv 6374s | Kahua Trucks | Superstars widened w/ 155mm | 12s5p P42A | Stormcore 60D

Build completed on October 2020.

Hey guys, back again with another build. This one is getting me excited because i’ll be using some of the best parts out there.

This build is planned to be for track racing, a genre of esk8ing that has piqued my interest after having a session in our local group. Here’s a little more of what went down.

The board i used on the first session was the Hash, a lightweight pneumatic build. It works alright, but i feel i could make it better.

I did not want to mess with the already completed build, so i left it as is.

Now, onto the build! I named it the Sprint, figured it’ll be fitting for a board meant for track racing.

Parts list

  • Redember Bludgeon 44 by @jamie
  • Haggyboard Kahua Trucks by @haggyboard.timo
  • Avio MK1 Gear drive by @avX
  • Trampa Superstars, widened with the Metroboard 155mm tyres by @Trampa
  • Turnigy 192kv Dual 6374s
  • 12s4p Molicel P42A battery pack
  • Focbox Unity, might change in the future
  • Bigben Bludgeon enclosure by @BigBen

Currently, i am thinking of making it a FWD, as i heard that it performs better on tracks. I’m not sure yet, i will try it out, and if it feels weird for me i’ll do rear.

Fitting a trampa wheel is something that is experimental, so i’m not sure if it will fit the Kahua truck well. I got Superstars and the conversion spacer for 8mm bearings, it should arrive sometime tomorrow. Also, Jeff came through and helped model this adapter to fit the MK1 gear drive.

Installing the motors, and setting up the gears. The SK3s i have are the sensorless ones, and i cut and extended the wires with 12AWG silicone wires.

Splooge retaining compound on the pinion

Set backlash, and grease everything up
Looking nice! I used 50 deg Caliber baseplates.

Sleeved and soldered MR60s

Now for the fit, surprisingly not as much of a headache as i thought. There’s a bit of an interference so i’ll have to mess with it. Also, i did not have a genuine Superstar so i used a Sunmate hub, dimensions are relatively close and snaps into the adapter.

Then it was time to test the hub spacer. Big thanks to @Pedrodemio for the model.

Having the hubs stretched, gives the wheel a better contact patch to the ground, and on a track, grip is key.

That’s all i got for now! I will further update the thread when more parts come in.


I see you’ve prepared to de-throne @GillBordon





There goes my $ :joy:


These are looking sweet can’t wait to see the finish product :call_me_hand:

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Maybe 30T would be a better cell choice, assuming your board will be fully charged most of the time?


Interesting, thanks for the graph! I’m not sure if it’ll be full always because the first 45 mins or so of the track session is free riding, then by the time it’s race time, it probably won’t be full anymore. I’ll have a think about that.


Are you allowed swappable battery packs?

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Don’t see why not, ride around using the first battery pack, and then open up the enclosure to swap to a second 100% battery.

But then i’ll need to build two packs…



Shit, I’d actually offer to build you a 12s4p P42A for free if it meant beating GillBordon on an exway, except you’re overseas lol


Pay it forward! Build two 10s2ps for new beginners coming into esk8 :smile:


Hell no, this is personal GillBordon :rage:


Trampa hubs came with the 8mm spacer, so I test fit the hub spacer and hooked it up to the drive. Fortunately, everything fits! With zero modification as well. I was certain I would have to cut something on the hanger or something but it all worked out. Metroboard tyres will be here in 3 weeks, so meanwhile I’ll do some magic to the hubs


Looks very nice!


Time to paint the hubs. I got black because it was the cheapest, and since I’m going to paint it, I scuffed the surface with a scotch britepad on an orbital sander.

Also to wash and rinse them after scuffing

First coat of Primer

Then the flat black

And sparkling silver

And then Candy green

And finally Candy Yellow.

Painting in these many steps gives a great paint surface much like a car, and I’m going for that metallic emerald green look.


Okay, update time.
Redember deck is 2 days away from me, so i’ll get to that soon.

Metroboard 155ms came, but the inner tube valve was angled in a way that could not be used,
so i might have to get some locally till they ship the fixed ones.

Here’s how it looks with just the hubs mounted on.

Remote wise, i’m going for a mini remote mod once again. Trigger remotes are just so easy to control.

The @BigBen enclosure came! Really stellar work, i appreciate you Ben.

So, as the area where the phase wires go into are exposed, and as i’m just going for six 12AWG wires, i do not need that big of a space, so i went at it with some fiberglass, and sanded it to oblivion.
After it was shaped to my liking, i scuffed the entire surface with 240 grit, and it’s time to paint

Primer goes on first,

Then undercarriage epoxy
And the Bedliner
All seamless.

So, as the deck is going to arrive soon, i’m currently in the midst of thinking of designs to go on the top of the deck, so i sketched out a few and brainstormed. Perhaps you guys can help vote, or even inspire me with different designs. Trying to go for like a racecar stripe kind of look.

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  • 2
  • 3

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3rd one looks cool, but it resembles the Bamboo GTR, so maybe lets go for something unique. The thinking continues…


What about combining the big strip in the middle with the 3rd one?


It’s been done already


Hahaha that’s a good one. I’ll continue to sketch out a few more designs and see. Still am not satisfied with the first few

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Guys… its here

Well, it was here two days ago but I was busy painting it so didn’t post here.

And now, we begin.

After a day, I drilled the enclosure and deck, to fit threaded inserts.

I could technically put everything together to test ride now.

I planned to build a 12s4p P42A pack but the cells nor PCB has yet to arrive so I’ll be using a 10s4p 30Q pack that I have.

Then I ghetto duct taped everything and went downstairs to test.

I’m running front wheel drive as I’d like to see if I like it or not. If I don’t, I’ll switch back to rear.

Fortunately, I really like it. So front wheel drive it is.

Now to remove everything one last time, to paint the top of the deck.

And the deck is done. Once again, big thanks to @jamie for coming through with this Redember 44, I stood on it for a bit upon opening it up and the deck just feels amazing. Hope I did the deck justice!

Full assembly hopefully tomorrow or Saturday, then I’ll go for a test ride before the debut of this board on the 20th, where our monthly track session will be held.