iWonder Discovery 120D Cloudwheel discussion

Hey all-

With the launch of a new version of Cloud wheels/Foamies with a beefier clear core and the name “Discovery 120D”, let’s talk about them here to limit the confusion with the old version. For clarity, the Discovery only comes as a clear/translucent core.

If you have a pair like our friend @BluPenguin , please share your thoughts on them. Credit to @Hide from iWonder for stepping up and keeping us informed and supported as we transition to the new wheel with an improved core.




TKS @BillGordon ,this is what I should do.


My set is in route.

I am looking for recommendations(links) of a pulley I can buy and use on these.

40t or 44t.



@Hide I just emailed service@iwonderpower.com regarding my cracked Cloudwheels. I requested that if they can be replaced, that they are replaced with the Discovery model. Thanks for making that email available.


Anyone have a link to the Iwonder store?

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Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 07.42.20 AM

i tried

and this appears to be their storefront

when i click “shop now” there is a pop up that directs to a Point of Sale but in this particular example they are sold out.


try that:

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watching this thread closed… put 97mm wheels on my setup 10s6p vtc6 get roughly 30 miles… put back on my TB 160mm AT setup and im around 18-20… Returned a set of cloud wheels because of the cracks in them but im still rooting for the discovery version to be durable. Was going to do the TB 110’s but I feel like the 13mm difference is not going to do the in between setup i want on this board.


I’ve only ridden pneumies a bit, so there are others more qualified to say this, but they really do feel like a great tweener wheel, something even the excellent 110s can’t really claim.


Please let us know how that goes.

Very keen to see how this turns out, I was about to buy some from SR but I’m in the higher weight category :sweat_smile:

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Direct Drive or pulley?

Haven’t heard anything yet, but will do.

@Hide - will the 120D’s bolt on to the MetroboardX using the stock pulleys?

@46andTWO pls send me your pic, i don’t understand you said, sorry


So if you want to use those TB 160 AT and you don’t want to loose all your range, then change your pulley gearing ratio to compensate for the larger tires.

90% of the range that you have lost is due to the intensity of voltage sag when you try to accelerate on wheels that are twice as large.

Imagine sprinting 100 feet in your sneekers. No sweat right.

Now imagine sprinting 100 feet on stilts. You would be in cardiac arest.

That’s not exactly what happens to a battery (obviously). But the comparison is not without Merit.

Large oversized tires without changing the gearing results in very rapid voltage sag even when you don’t feel like you are accelerating hard. Those rapid drops in voltage are what kills your range – and it is not just during acceleration. Just maintaining speed on flat ground with poor gearing can put a load on the battery that can be equivalent to climbing a steep hill – a reall long steep hill that lasts all day long.


So if you like your AT wheels except for the range, just change your gearing.

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Im running 20 62
what would u suggest
mind you I cant do much about the wheel pulley. just the motor