[Not Happening] [Global] 105 / 120D Cloudwheel Group Buy

Hey All!

I thought I’d post an interest thread for the cloudwheels. If there is interest, this thread will turn into the group buy thread its self. Here’s what you need to know about the group buy including approx costs, timeframe and more

Cloudwheel 105D & 120D Information (Please read)

The new cloudwheels come in both 105mm and 120mm, both of which will be available in the group buy

The above are the colors available.

Please do further reading on the core cracking issue here although this version of the cloudwheels has been shipped with hundreds of exway, backfire and ownboards currently without complaints that I know about. Some reputable people are still talking about the potential for core failure, so if it is actually an issue please bring it to my attention.

Here’s some preliminary pricing in USD The price for 105 and 120 is the same.

A single set of wheels, shipped to the USA = ~110$ Shipped
A single set of wheels, shipped within the UK = ~$80 Shipped
A single set of wheels, shipped to the “closer” half of europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Etc) = ~85$
A single set of wheels, shipped to the “far” side of europe (Sweden, Croatia, Greece, Hungary etc) = ~$90

The cheapest source I could find for the wheels was $160, so the savings range from 50% off to 30% off. The shipping used to the US is FedEx priority and only takes 15 days. If we choose to go via train freight instead of air, the price per unit goes down 10$ each, but they’ll take a month to get to me.

You must use a clone core ABEC pulley with these. There must be no play in the pulley. Pulleys like fatboy ABECs, EBS Press fits, evolve press fits and other press fits designed for genuine abec cores won’t fit into cloudwheels.

For those wondering, if there was a US distro the savings would be minimal enough that its probably not worth doing, at most 5$/set.

Its advisable to only use pulleys with a tight fit into these wheels. Bolt on pulleys with any amount of play could cause issues.

Please vote in this poll if you think you’d be in for a set.

  • A single set of 105/120D
  • Multiple sets of 105/120D
  • No, I am worried about core issues
  • No, the unit price is too high
  • No (Other)

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Also, the pulleys needed for these are clone ABEC fit, not regular ABEC fit.


Good point, I’ll add that in.

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What about us friendly Canadians? Same-ish price as the US?


I think its a couple bucks more.

As reference, here’s a link to iWonder web shop for “normal retail price”. If you follow their facebook page, every now and then there is a free shipping offer.


Didn’t I see you were running the BN abec pulleys on these with success?


Yep :slight_smile:


I’m guessing there isn’t a kegel core version? :roll_eyes:

No. i think its like 1000 sets for a custom core.


so what is the bottom line on this poll ?

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Sounds like there is a moderate level of interest… 20 sets or so?

I would be curious who has a good abec clone pulley source. I’ll probably print / modify a pressfit pulley with my set if this whole thing goes through

Up to 350km on my boardnamics press fits without issues. But I don’t ride hard. I expect I could probably crack them if I started doing slides and stuff.

GB might happen at some point, but not now. I don’t think there is a lot of interest and maybe they’ll just come out with a kegel core and fix the issue altogether.


Dude used the backfire 105mm version with the included pulley. 5 miles


Jesus. That’s unsettling.

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Who is the source of these pics?


Maybe a GB on some pheumatics would be more popular?

Cloudwheel one isn’t happening and I’m not sure what pnumatics would work. MBS rims are already so cheap, I don’t think the price is very beatable

Plus we basically already have pneummies