Heed the warnings, don't trust Torqueboards

I hope this post finds those well who are looking into purchasing from TorqueBoards / DIYElectricSkateboard. I saw both the positive and negative reviews and gave the company the benefit of the doubt.


I basically got a defective product and am stuck with it and out $800. The motor still have the original plastic on them. They dragged/made noise the second the came out of the box. The board was never used outside, it actually never left the room the board was being built in.

My experience

  • [Nov 27] Invoice paid / order confirmed for TB for a set of TB DD XL 75kV
  • [Dec 1-17] Email back and forth saying XL 75kV were out of stock and that XL 60kV were available and that a new shipment of 75kV were “in production”. Chose to wait
  • [Jan 14] Email saying XL 75kV are discontinued
  • [Jan 28 - Feb 6] Email back and forth on what to replace them with and order updated to XL 60kV. Email saying “they will get shipped on monday”.
  • [Feb 26] Contacted TB asking about an update as I haven’t heard anything. TB response that bushings were out of stock. They would getting more the following Mon and ship the order out.
  • [Mar 12-13] Contacted TB asking if they shipped. TB response asking me which motor I want. A couple back and forth trying to remind him of my order. TB responded that my “order was added to outgoing orders and that it will be shipped with the next shipment”
  • [Mar 24] Emailed TB asking if the order went out
  • [Mar 31] TB response “not sure why the order didn’t go out. We’ll send it tomorrow”
  • [Apr 1-7] TB shipped Apr 1, received Apr 7
  • [Apr 13-16] Took the motors out of the box and realized one of them is severely dragging and making a loud grinding and clicking noise. Emailed TB. Some back and forth reminding me of my order (order number in email subject) and him suggesting things for me to try to fix.
  • [Jun 4] Emailed TB asking for a single motor replacement
  • [Aug 16] No response still, sent a follow up email giving 2 weeks before i attempt a bank dispute
  • [current] Still no response


So today, I attempted a bank dispute. Turns out with Visa, that you have 60 days from the transaction or 108 days from the date of receiving the product. So my dispute is invalid.

Between the terrible customer service, the long conversations/delays in email, me trying to be polite, I missed any window I had of a LEGAL dispute. Don’t be me. If you look like you’re going to be burned, make haste.



Jokes aside, this really sucks dude I’m sorry you had this experience.


I’m so sorry you had to go through this shit with torqueboards. You’re out of legal options, as in you cannot sue?

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always cracks me up.


there was none to start with


Same lol, but to be fair some of the most fun I’ve had with eskate has been sessions of falling practice. There’s a lot to be said for deliberately yeeting yourself off


Fuck. I always thought their customer service was spec.1! I guess that’s been readjusted?

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After searching here for 1 minute before i even ordered my first part i completely wrote them off.


Why did it take so long for this thread to happen?




It used to be but it seems that the company has gone downhill…

Very sad. Years ago their stuff used to be the best. CS was great, and quick shipping.

As far as I know dexter has sort of stepped away and it doesn’t seem like there’s much light at the end of the tunnel




Can’t argue that.


Talking like, idk, 2018? They had good stuff for the time

True about selective cs but for me it was good


I kept hearing about their good parts. I kept trying them out, i kept filling my dead drawer, and I’ve been buying from that site for as long as it has existed. I find it strange every time i hear about people having great luck with their parts.


I have had their motors and mounts on two boards for years now and they worked fine for me

My friend’s board even has the v7 kit on it and I have no complaints really

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Maybe i kept getting stuff too early.


Who knows…

Either way, it still sucks to see an OG go bad


Has been bad for years. Never mind go bad. I had good DDs from him…but at the end of the day he’s still a con man and should be removed from any ‘good vendor’ threads…

And placed in a do not buy / unsafe vendor thread


the beta units lasted. The production units were spotty as fuck.