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FreeSK8 Mobile App (iOS & Android) Robogotchi & GPS Modules

Hey folks-

We at the DRI team are super excited to announce the beta launch of our Robogotchi, GPS Module, and FreeSK8 Mobile App. Interested in joining the beta testing efforts? We’ve got a small batch of hardware available & up on our shop now!

The FreeSK8 Robogotchi is an advanced BLE Receiver, Datalogger, and core component of the FreeSK8 System.

Think of it like a blackbox flight recorder for your esk8 or LEV.

The Robogotchi brings Always-On Logging as a core feature with an asynchronous logging integration with our FreeSK8 Mobile App.

The FreeSK8 GPS Module upgrade allows for fully featured geographic ride logging without the need for a mobile cellphone tether.

The GPS Module is mounted externally as the antenna requires line of sight with the sky for proper satellite reception. Connects to dedicated GPS UART port on Robogotchi. 4-pin 300mm cable included.

Ride now, Sync later.

Robogotchi Specification

  • NRF52840 NRF Module
  • QSPI Integrated Flash Storage
  • 0.91" White OLED Display
  • 90dB Alarm Buzzer
  • Status LED & 2 Input Buttons
  • Real-time Clock w/ SuperCap backup
  • GPS Module upgrade port
  • LDO voltage regulator
  • Dimensions: 24 x 44 x 10 mm

GPS Module Specification

  • ublox SAM-M8Q Module
  • GPS, Galileo, GLONASS support
  • 3x Concurrent GNSS
  • 2x Status LED
  • Dimensions: 26 x 36 x 10 mm
  • Premade 4P 2.0 JST 300mm Cable Included

Open Source Documentation (WIP):

DRI Shop Product Links:

Design & Build pics!


Snagging top post for updates!

FreeSK8 Robogotchi v1.3 Beta - Batch 2 - Shipping on or before 11/23/2020.
Limited Quantities available, hardware is in-hand and undergoing final testing & QC.

Price includes FDM printed enclosures. These devices are hand assembled & individually tested, with love, in Portland, OR, USA.


Yes please pick me.

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Slip of hand, fixed. Thanks!


I have the most beautiful robogotchi in the world right now… :wink:

And I do this on it…

They’re making babies…

So tiny…


Wait. With what button are you jumping?


Was hopping that international shipping would be more expensive so I wouldn’t be so tempted to buy


I purposely stuck the left one down (fuck… could’ve been the right one, I can’t really remember now) with the printed button so it would just jump automatically so I could film it.


Had a few folks ask about GPS module mounting. We are working on a batch of aluminum baseplate mounts (w/ tapped holes for the module/enclosure), but we’re keeping the first batch somewhat small as we’re still experimenting with material & shape on this baseplate. GPS reception can benefit greatly from having an antenna grounding plate & we simply need to do more testing & research on this before spinning up a final design/shape/material.

Here’s what we’re testing with now:


Is it necessary to external top mount the GPS module?


For optimal reception, yes. We haven’t tested the limits of this though as beta just officially launched last week. Side of the enclosure may also be an option, but any RF-non transparent material such as carbon fiber or metal would likely block reception.

It’s also hard to say because GPS depends on your location & sky conditions on any given day. Will be better able to answer this question in the coming weeks as we get more testing feedback- good question!

FWIW, the GPS module is an optional upgrade and not everyone will want/desire it. Because the Robogotchi doesn’t rely upon a mobile bluetooth tether for logging, it doesn’t have your phone’s GPS data, hence the integrated approach. The Robogotchi still works great as a standalone unit, and we may enable other devices to be supported on the 2nd UART at some point in the future.


I got ya, good stuff, thank you.
Look forward to see where freesk8 goes, you have a lot going on these days.
Do @SeanHacker stickers come with purchase?
Probably shouldn’t, poor dudes face is quite prolific around here…


They were a limited series, but due to popular demand we made about 500 more.

So… yes?


FTFY :kissing_heart:


Should be an emoji on here. He better TM it before Frank does.


Firmware Update Guide has been posted along with an updated Robogotchi Firmware version 0.4.2:

Renee has also just pushed an update to the FreeSK8 Mobile app that has a fancy new feature that takes advantage of this firmware update. :wink: More on that very soon, we’re getting our changelogs in order and pants on straight- been a wild last 2 weeks~ since launch!

PS: Batch 2 Robogotchi start shipping today! Still have some units left from this batch.

Anyone who has picked up one of these and is not already in our FreeSK8 Telegram Beta Group, please shoot me a PM and I’ll get you situated.



MJF printed enclosure samples came in quickly, have a larger batch already in the works.


Some updates rolling out, and I’ll get the release notes caught up here as well.

Robogotchi firmware v0.5.0 update has been released:

Robogotchi Firmware Release Notes:


* Adding NACK handler to resume a broken sync
* Clear GPS data on disconnect without an active fix
* Testing fix for steady tone


* Monitor GPS data reception to notify on physical disconnect
* Include GPS statistics with status packet
* Removed transmission of unsolicited status packets
* Intended for use FreeSK8 Mobile 0.7.0


* Checking sync_in_progress flag to prevent logging and unwanted messages during sync
* Checking sync_in_progress flag before attempting to close an unopened file
* Fixes interruption of sync process if auto logging is triggered
* Fixes hault condition in firmware


* Inital beta release

Along with FreeSK8 Mobile App version 0.7.2 in iOS TestFlight & Google Play Store.

FreeSK8 Mobile App Release Notes:


* Fix incorrect date bug in calendar view
* Fix hidden chart series selectors in Ride Log Viewer
* Send NACK if no message is received during sync
* Alert if Robogotchi is running unexpected firmware
* Stop Robogotchi status timer before initiating sync


* Fix database schema when creating for the first time
* Fix missing DFU mode message
* Fix hidden connect button with large system font
* Fix flickering avatar in config tab on iOS
* Allow connection attempts to be aborted
* Showing connection attempt for all devices


* Calendar view in logging tab (tap robot for old list view)
* Robogotchi status bar displayed on connection tab
* Fix discovered BLE devices grid to 2 items wide
* Fix missing selected CAN devices from Robogotchi config editor
* Sequentially communicate required data upon connection
* Testing SafeArea in RideLogViewer to reveal chart series selection
* Minor fixes and improvements


* Will not attempt automatic reconnect
* Notify user when disconnected
* Display dialog when a connection attempt is in progress
* Larger area to dismiss keyboard in ESC Configurator
* Confirm before closing the ESC Configurator
* Minor fixes and improvements


* Show file sync on user input instead of device response
* Send out syncstop message when user aborts file sync
* Storing relative path to log files and board avatars
* Increase height of RideLogChartOverlay
* Display app version in title (temporary)


* Use the imperial units user preference in ESC Profiles
* Hide select series data on chart to reduce clutter
* Switch Log Auto Start Duty Cycle to eRPM in Robogotchi Configuration
* Minor fixes and improvements


* Configurable Robogotchi alert thresholds
* Store board avatar(s) in Shared Preferences
* Board avatars can be selected from Gallery
* Smooth voltage input on real time data
* Disabled charting PanAndZoomBehvior for performance
* Minor fixes and improvements


* Add SafeArea where appropriate for various manufacturer occlusions
* Capture state of ESC communication
* Restrict ESC Configurator access to connected & communicating devices
* Display message if Motor Configuration was not received


* Added ESC Configurator for modification of settings
* Default all users to dark theme
* Reduced required user settings by requesting from ESC
* Minor UI changes and bug fixes


* Fix applying ESC profile minimum and maximum watts
* Enforce negative value for Max Power Regen in ESC profile
* Added Robogotchi Configuration Editor
* Removed background location permission requirement
* Ride Log Viewer supports dual and quad ESC configurations
* Added confirmation before entering Robogotchi DFU mode


* Editable ESC Profiles to control speed and power output
* Display DieBieMS discharge as red progress bar in cell grid
* Show DieBieMS State of Charge with current voltage
* Fix DieBieMS battery temperature decimal place
* Dart serializer for mc_configuration data structure
* Minor UI adjustments and fixes


* Editing board details sets the cursor to the end of the text field
* Improved DieBieMS view
* Added DieBieMS cell comparison
* Evaluating asymmetric sigmoidal approximation for battery % remaining
* Positioned RideLogViewChartOverlay to fit better on those smol phones


* New location package that does not execute in background
* DieBieMS Data Visualization
* Non linear battery curve to estimate % remaining


* Sync without Erase will not show last file until you switch back to logging tab
* Sync with Erase while Logging is active will not erase files (could be robogotchi fw, see renee)
* Chart in ride log viewer not optimized for large number of points. Try mp_charts
* Duty Cycle gauge on Real Time tab may flicker the red highlight on and off
* Editing board settings may put the input cursor at the start of the entry

If you are participating in the Robogotchi Beta test, you will need to update your firmware.

The FreeSK8 Mobile App is still under active development and is a Work-In-Progress, but if you’re interested in taking a look we have a Beta Signup Form available.


M8 GPS that’s super accurate, down to 50cm accuracy.
I should be able to use a waterproof pixhawk module nearly twice the price of yours. This is going to be the most accurate GPS logger.

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