First Build, $1500 limit, suggestions!?

Hey guys, so I’m getting into esk8 and super excited to build my own board. Sure, buying a ready to ride board is easy and quick, but I wanna get the hype out of building my own :stuck_out_tongue:

I need suggestions for where to buy parts (This is my first ever eboard). My overall build budget is $1500 USD. Main purpose for the board will be to go on group rides and for commuting purposes (Roads with a few cracks, not many hills). I’d prefer to get at least 20-25miles out of it per ride. Smaller wheels (75-85mm) are preferred with a longer deck (36-40 inch deck). Speed wise, I don’t plan on going over 25mph considering I’ll be casually cruising.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Cheers and ride safe!


Welcome! It’s Lin here.

Guys, Ari is a friend, do help him out if you have suggestions!

For a street board, a good selection of decks would fit as an esk8, you just have to make sure that the enclosure that you decide with would fit well with the deck due to the difference in enclosure curvatures.

Eboosted’s enclosures are a premium choice, and is a popular choice for builds. As people may assume, a ‘box’ to hold all your electronics in will have to be strong enough to withstand vibrations and rides for thousands of kms. Take a look and see if there’s a deck choice with an enclosure that would go with it.

Alternatively, Bigben enclosures are a good choice as well

For trucks, Caliber IIs are sort of a staple choice, as the motor mount would need to clamp to the truck without slippage, as some trucks are either round or octagonal, Caliber IIs would be ideal due to its D shape profile. However, a few vendors have came out with their own trucks suited for esk8.

For wheels, i’d recommend Orangatang Caguamas, or the Senor Pepes

Trust, me you’d want good wheels.

Now, for your drive system, if you plan to go for belt, there will be many options for motor mounts. Check out these ones

I used a pair of @Boardnamics trucks on my commuter build and it’s great, a big upgrade from Caliber IIs. I’d recommend getting the trucks from Boardnamics, and the drive system if you plan to go with a belt drive.

With a belt mount, you will also need pulleys to go with it. @Boardnamics have them as well, so if you want you can grab it too to avoid too many seperate purchases.

For gear drives however, due to the size of the gearbox, you will have to use larger wheels, 100mm and above if not you risk scraping it when hitting obstacles like pebbles etc.

Now, for motors. Street boards, a 6355 motor would be enough, 6374 would be better, but bigger and heavier.

The number represents the motor’s size, 63 being 63mm, and 55/74 being it’s length.

Check out some motors here

6355 dual would be more than enough for a street board, dual 6374 will be powerful
and fun, and will not get as hot, but i use dual 6355 and it’s enough for me.

For batteries, you can go for a 10s4p single stack or 12s4p. I’d recommend 30Q cells. I’m not sure if there’s a battery builder here from Canada so maybe a few folks can chime in.

For the speed controller (VESC), there are not that many reliable ones available but one i can recommend is the Maker X ESC

There are a few promising ones coming out soon, but it’s not available for purchase yet.

For remotes, there’s the Flipsky VX1, and also the mini remote. It depends on which you prefer, a thumb remote, or a trigger gun remote.

Other than that, you’ll need to get an antispark power switch to turn your board on/off.
I don’t have many recomendations for that, but this is what i use.

Other than that, here’s a few threads you can read up on before hard deciding on what to go with.

And here’s one of my builds, that’s similar in terms of specs to what you are looking for


Linny is spot on
My 1st dream build would be
makerx esc dual
VX1 remote
Torqueboard 6354
boardnamic trucks and mounts.
TB110 wheels
Pressfit kegal pulleys
21700 10x3 or 12x2 battery 40T with 140d BMS
Metr Pro Bluetooth
Haggy or TB40 integrated deck and enclosure.


Thanks so much for the response!

So I’ve added everything together and here is my build:

  • Bustin Sporster 35″ MKII Deck
  • Bustin Sporster 35″ MKII Enclosure
  • 12S4P Molicel P42A 21700 battery pack (flexible)
  • 220mm Precision Hangers + 63mm Motor Mounts Kit
  • Orangatang Caguama 85 mm wheels (Might have to go with the TB110 wheels since they’re 110mm)
  • Electric Skateboard Motor 6380 170KV
  • Maker X ESC
  • Flipsky VX1 2.4 Ghz remote
  • Remote on/off Solid State Switch (Luna Cycle)

Not sure if I’m missing something :smiley:


Solid parts! I’d strongly recommend the TB 110mm wheels over the caguamas. With Caguamas and the parts you choose, the torque might be too much that it’ll throw you off.

As for pulley ratio, a common ratio for 110mm wheels is 16/40. Caguamas are usually 16/36.


Are you doing single motor or dual ?

Dual most likely. Just to get that extra torque and uphill performance.

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Would defiantly do dual. 6380 is a lot and when I say a lot it’s a lot lol. Personally if it’s your first build go ahead and do dual 6374 or dual 6355

Buy TB motors not flipsky

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I’ve never tried 6380s, not even 6374s on a dual for urethane boards before.
It’ll be plenty powerful, might be too much actually haha. Maybe those who have built them before can chime in.

I used dual 6380s on one of my AT boards


And @Linny is 100% correct. Don’t get cags lol you will regret it and you will have no clearance on the Sporster deck

I run dual 6374 on urethane but it’s a lot and 37mph will approach really fast lol

That’s just my personal opinion

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Just punched some numbers in the calculator for your theoretical top speed.

Molicel P42A is a very punchy cell, and paired with those motors and a good ESC, it’s gonna make you fly, no joke.

Here’s the link if you wanna play around with the gearing/motor kv

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Ahaha, alright. I’ll look into it. Appreciate the input!

Wouldn’t stronger motors be better in the long-run though? I don’t want the motors to overheat during say a one hour ride with no breaks. Or maybe I’m just being stupid since I’m a newbie lol :rofl:

If your riding like you said you were going to just cruising with a top of 25mph no. I highly recommend not getting 6380s lol, they will kick your ass right off the board


Also are you building a battery or having it built for you ? I’d recommend getting it built

If he’s getting the enclosure from @eBoosted, might as well get the battery from him, it’ll fit in the enclosure like a glove because it has segments.


Was just goin to mention that he should just get it built by him if he’s getting the sporster !

That was my plan yeah. It appears that it’s wired already.

6355s only got warm to the touch after a 2 hour ride, i weigh 70kg.

Yes, a large motor like the 6380 will have much more torque and power, and won’t get warm as easily, but if this board is going to be a commuter for example, you would do away with saving some weight, which might i add, the 6380s are heeeeeeavy.


If you have no knowledge of batteries don’t build it yourself lol. No fire is the best kinda fire if ya know what I mean


6380s are very heavy lol. Solid like 5lbs just in motors let alone everything else

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