Motor discussion: the best and worst of it all

I just wanted to open a discussion about motors! I know a few users here have tried out everything under the sun so far so I’d like to get their opinion on the best motors and worst motors.

I currently have @torqueboards 6355s and they feel amazing. And with all the new upgrades he has done to his line, I don’t see an immediate reason to buy anyone else’s when moving on to a new build!

I know maytech has made a name for themselves in our field, but what truly sets them apart from others?


I’m sure we’ll discuss battle hardening and maytechs and and all the typical ones.

Let’s not forget the little guys though. Racerstar 50xx motors have proven to be very reliable and will push most people around in a nice lightweight build. $35 as well… not bad.


I’ve actually been thinking about picking up a set of those and doing a small lipo build on my LY dinghy. Just wondering how well they would do at scootin my fat ass around.

In all honesty, it would be the “I’m not letting you ride my nice boards, here’s this one” build.


I’ll tell you soon enough. My tayto will have dual 5045s on 10s2p 30T and a unity. I’m 95kg when moist.


I actually have racestare 5065 140kv motors and I have been trying for years to kill them. But the NSK bearings will not die? Even after multiple times under water. 2000km later.

I did mildly battle harder them with some epoxy: but the bearing life I can not explain.



i need to get a no you cant ride my kaly here take this meepo


Also been riding tb 6374 motors with good results, but I did had the old version. Currently running 6374 Alien hev motors, both had issues with shaft coming lose from the can. Strange noises and what not. Interested in Tb 6380 motors.


The new 6380s come battle hardened! Should be even better than the last versions.

I’m probably going to be getting a set of those for my MTB


I don’t like to define one motor as better than another, or at least the best. Ina single batch of motors you will always have some with issues, plus there are environmental issues and usage issues, uninstall & reinstall, etc.

I will say this. I have 2 sets (x4 total) TB (@torqueboards) 190kv 6374s that have thousands of miles on them and have had zero issues. In fact I had another set that were somewhere around 6k that were so beat up they looked like the surface of the moon. I took them apart to sand and paint the cans and give them a general cleaning. When reassembling, and I still don’t know what I did wrong, I managed to trash bearings in both of them. They are currently waiting for me to tear them down again and see whats wrong.

I have a set of Maytech 200kv 6369s (@Psychotiller) and 2 sets of Maytech 190kv 6374s (1 set from @hyperion1 and 1 set from @Sender, thanks brudda’s) and they are by far the smoothest motors I’ve owned. They are precision built and I have yet to tear one up.

Lastly, I have a set of Ollin 5065 200kv motors that I have used as test motors off an on for a couple of years, but fell into the 6374 trap and thought they were big enough. I put them on my TopSpeed, all I can say is I am impressed. They are fast, dont get noticeably hot, are very quiet in FOC mode. I wish I could buy more of them.


there’s a reason evolve uses racerstars. They’re solid motors and one of my favs.

Among my favorite other motors are the NTM Propdrive 270, the SK3 6374, and the ARC 5095.

mine are made by maytech.


@LR-designs @longhairedboy I’ve also been useing racestars on my latest build and there solid as anything. I got 2 5065 for less then the price ($70) of 1 6355 from most esk8 vendors.

When it comes to products, I have no real loyalty… if it’s good I will give it a try. Currently tb motors are probably my favorite. My 6355 give me all the speed I need and after dexter hooking me up with a new magnet, my tb 6374 take um much less room then those beefy sk3’s. I usually run unsensored so they work great on sigle drive builds. Getting sk3s on 218 can be a fucking headache!!! Iso have a pair of bkb that I have yet to toucn! Excited about those…

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I use TB 6355 motors (old generation). The can on one got loose and off-centered, had to buy a new one after the grub screw got stuck. The new one holds together very nicely, and has less holes for pebbles to fly into. Can recommend. (new generation)

Got a Maytech sealed 6374 for my brother, and it feels very premium. It’s definitely wider (probably a thicker can), and seems to be very sturdy. (Haven’t tested it much though, time will tell.) What I will say is that the noise it makes is more high pitched and quieter than my TorqueBoards motors. It somehow sounds more futuristic, and I like that :smiley:


I have tb 6355 old style and have magnet problems.
I also run bkb 6374 which are sk3 6374 sensored and I really like these.


Where do you get the racestar motors for $35?

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I got them 2nd hand but practically new from @PickSix24

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Racerstars can be bought from their website or on AliExpress or Alibaba.

I have owned and used scorpion motors(great but not sensord),Alien 6374 and 6384 motors, torque board and enertion motors, and racerstar 5065. The best motor for a normal esk8 in my opinion is the racerstar. For MTB it would be the alien 6384 if you can max your esc out. Any motor that is built well and with sensors with a kv between 140-200 will serve you well

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I’m thinking about doing a build with the racestar 5055 motors. Will they work with 12s batteries? I’m new to the DIY scene.

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Before I answer that one, why 12s? Who has lead you down that path out of interest?