DIY eskate services/parts map

So most of you are aware that we have started taking pre-orders for the MTB deck.

I receive a number of queries, one of the most common being, “Do you know anyone that could build me a battery/custom deck?”

To help them answer this can be painful, as I have to obtain their location and then point them to a few of companies local to them. (custom batteries don’t ship well, always good to go local for this, in my opinion)

So i have started to add the following interactive map to our website. I will slowly add DIY parts/services over the next few days. So when I’m next asked, I can simply redirect them to this page.

If you want to be included, add a link to your site, logo and company blurb to this topic. (saves me having to find it)


there is actually a thread for battery builders that we trust

might wanna take a look


thanks, that’s a good listing, will save me a load of time


Quebec/Ontario can come to me for builds excluding batts. I don’t spot weld and never will. I know a colleague or 2 who can do batts though

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@Flasher sorry mate, looking for companies with a web site, so I can simply list them. Don’t really want any other interaction other than that.

This list hasn’t been updated in a while with lots of suggestions in the replies. I think people are hesitant to add to the list because they feel they don’t have the authority (me lol)

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If there are actually Canadians who will do commission packs please put them in the thread!

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the main problem for a wiki thread is usually the lack of constant update, as either OP needs to stay on top of things or other forum user contribute to the wiki content. i get that not everyone thinks they have the authority to edit the wiki, and we really should have a system to get it updated from time to time.


Add to it you animal.


Know anyone on the west coast? If not I’m working on a portfolio for doing these services out here.

I moved to Bristol, BS16 2HT
Thanks for putting me on there <3

Most people list their location in their profile. There’s multiple on the west coast


West coast Canada?

Nope, my mistake. But maybe Portland Oregon is close enough.

Ask @MrDrunkenMobster if it’s worth cross border shipping

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It’s never worth the shipping if I can get it from inside the country. Thanks trump.

I am willing to ship to Canada but it would definitely be cheaper for the customer if there was someone in mapleland.

where on the weast coast
nvm i see canadia

OK starting to build out the list, some may be in multiple categories.

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I still see only American and euro stuff

and yet still no Apex Boards on your map! :smiley: