Best Longboards with KICKTAILS??!

First post on here! SEARCHING FOR MY ESK8 DECK FOR 1st BUILD I’ve ridden 30-32" cruisers all my life, so as much as I am trying to make the switch to electric longboards I cant commit without finding a solid board around 32"-39" WITH A KICKTAIL!

In Love with the 2016 Lush Machine 3D!!! Looking for anything similar or better yet somewhere to buy the 3D Machine deck by itself. Please help!! ALL KICKTAILS ARE WELCOME!!!


Warning, this is not an answer you will be happy with.

BUT! it is honest and true and will be backed up by many here…

Unless you are capable of fiberglass molding your own bespoke enclosure to your dream deck, you are much better off finding an existing enclosure/deck combo that you like.

If you can make a fiberglass mold, the world is your oyster.

Earthwing muirderer has always been a great looking deck. A lot of people love the omakases too. Oh hey there @frame.b022 :kissing_heart:


Omakase is 85.1cm long with a comfy kicktail

hi @Venom121212 :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


Thanks for the advice venom, I am looking to buy a complete e-longboard from, then I plan to deck swap and upgrade parts as I gain more knowledge/experience. I’m also considering buying the 121c AILERON but its a bit too short for the motors that I’m interested in.

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Beautiful suggestion! I put it on my list-Thanks a-lot!


Don’t underestimate the difficulty of making an enclosure. Sticking to decks that have commercial enclosures available is definitely recommended, as @Venom121212 mentioned.


Having made enclosures for 8 different boards now, I agree. It always takes twice as long to make an enclosure for a new deck, whether it be 3D printed, Kydex, ABS, fiberglass, or whatever.

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I’m going to purchase a complete e-board and then just perform a deck swap! Will make upgrades along the way as I’m looking at dual belt drives only-but want to start with a unique deck.

Yes but either way, you can’t usually simply swap the deck without also dealing with enclosure issues.

sometimes you can on certain prebuilt enclosures

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I hear you bro…

I’ve used precisely this deck in this build here:
Kicktail 38'' | SS Mini gear drive | 10S3P P42A | 2 x Maytech 6374 - #12 by pmg

Take a look at the awesome decks posted here:
Legendary downhill decks

Currently the best possibility is probably the Zenit Marble along with a @BigBen enclosure:
Zenit Marble 38 V2 deck - Group Buy (#3 => no shipping costs)
BBenclosures new and old stuff....(serious)

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LOL! So the first thread I found on here before I made this post was literally “Legendary Downhill Decks” was SUPER impressed with your setup. Soon as I saw your board I started looking for the Lush Machine 3D , just cant find it anywhere58eabe43d599935a98bd3f5dd70862db01fc7eab_2_666x500

This picture is what got me! ^^^ and WOW that “Marble 38 V2” IS GORGEOUS!!! Definitely a TOP CONTENDER! Thank you so much!!!


Lol, when I took it I was really not sure about it. Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Here’s another one for you from my last build.

Video playing around:


Get a room


And a nice 4K camera. We want to see what REAL love looks like. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@JackDaniels007 check out the Raptor 2.0 deck. All the shit that Enertion bolted to it was dogshit, but the deck and enclosure are both solid, if you can find them. Long stiff deck with a real kicktail.

And I have 2 of them to go. Today. Get em while there hot people.

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Holyyyyyy smokesssss, gorgeous looking board! Rigid lines, perfect tail, its too bad I cant find the deck by itself as yet. Looks like a complete only option, but will search around for this model now thank you!

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You have 2?! How did you get them?! As deck only or purchased the complete board?

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Definitely make sure you get the full 3 piece enclosure with it if you buy one. The enclosure system is really smart on that deck.


You ain’t lyin my ninja.