Kicktail 38'' | SS Mini gear drive | 10S3P P42A | 2 x Maytech 6374

285 mm it is. I will take my chance :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t trust an ABS enclosure to hold the weight of the components; you should velcro or otherwise attach the battery to the deck so that it doesn’t rest on the enclosure.

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Yep, gravity’s a bitch.

Slowly, parts are arriving:

  • 40T cells (P42A was out of stock)
  • deck is beautiful and amazing shape, cannot wait…
  • VX1 and FSVESC, already soldered the connectors

Still to arrive the 6’’ tires from China and the Fatboy Gear Drive (no pressure @3DServisas :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Beautiful SS Mini gear drive has arrived as well as some gear from @_EboardSolutions including the enclosure.

I have been lately in a small dilema. While the 21700 cells worked beautifully on my last MTB setup they don’t fit so well with EboardSolutions enclosure and Lush machine 3d deck.

Therefore, I made the decision to use 18650 cells in 12S4P configuration, with Sony Murata 2.6 Ah and 25 A continuous. These give me also around 100 A continuous for the pack and similar capacity, besides fitting much better cause it allows using two layers on the pack:

The enclosure seems to fit well on the deck even with the wheel bites. It only flexes a little bit which should be even less with the rubber seal.

The hangers also seem wide enough to have clearance for the 6’’ wheels.


The 6x2 nylon tires from China have finally arrived and I made a sprint this weekend to finish everything so I finally have a first version of it.

Everything went according to the plan except the battery pack which is instead a 12S4P with Sony / Murata VTC5A. The BMS is a Daly which is very compact, handling up to 5A for charging.
The motive of this change was that I couldn’t fit the 21700 on the @EboardSolutions enclosure.
This 18650 pack should give 10.4 Ah of capacity and over 100 A continuous discharge.

The @3DServisas 275 hangers were wide enough to give wheel clearance for this kicktail deck. Obviously this deck got higher than desired but this doesn’t bother me much when riding, which actually feels great.
Only thing I don’t really like so much is that this deck has too much tail and the front wheels get off the floor too easily…

The acceleration and brakes feel out of this world and the direct feel of the gear drive reinforces this sensation.

While this build was a bit experimental, specially due to the kicktail thing, it rides really well and I’m very happy with it. I find the 6’’ tires were a good choice, while it would be hard to do offroad I can ride it on dirt roads with no problems…

… and most importantly, I have a tail!!! :slight_smile:


How do you like the Lush Machine deck? Been eyeballing those for a long time.


Ahem, sir, may I ask where your helmet is?

Dope build! Shame that the sensor wires don’t fit through grommets.


Ahem… :shushing_face:

True… ended up drilling two holes and put hot glue on it.

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Looks like the monster truck of the esk8 world. Love it.

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Love it! The extra height makes even a fairly flat tail feel massive.

I want to my spare machine x deck on haggys way more now :slight_smile:

Does it Ollie? :wink:


I like it a lot. One can see it’s a strong and stiff board, good for esk8. It’s also wide and have a nice concave, acommodates the feet really well.

The only thing I dislike is that is very easy to make a wheelie, specially if you have enough power… perhaps it would be possible to move the rear truck a bit back to have less leverage.

Oh thanks, that means I will like it a lot :rofl:


It rides and carves so well that I would even consider to put 8’’ tires on it. I wonder how long it would take for me to try that :joy:

I wish you never wrote that… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m still on that phase where it’s hard for me to get the board dirty…

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Getting it wet and dirty is the most heartbreaking part of testing a new build.

But you have to know if slinging mud everywhere is going to break it or not…

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So true…

Now that I have about half an year of riding I have to say this board is light years ahead of anything I tried.

It’s a pain now when I have to ride on another board including MBS…

I’m riding this offroad also in wet conditions and it’s total fun!

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Tunneled risers and really liking these glands.


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