Zenit Marble 38 V2 deck - Group Buy (#3 => no shipping costs)

Following this deck [1] popularity on the Legendary downhill decks, I will order at least one for my next build.

I’m based in Europe but I’ll have to send one deck to the USA, where a kind and gifted soul will use it to build a custom enclosure. So if someone from the US wants to order one, it would be great.

Besides that one, if we reach an order of three decks, shipping from Canada to Europe is free.

This is my first GB so please bear with me :slight_smile:

[1] Marble 38 V2 - Zenit Freeride / Downhill Longboard – Zenit Longboard


I’m considering this deck as well, but want it stiff and I’m 200lbs.

Description says, “for heavy dh we recommend adding a ply after 170 lbs .”

the extra ply is 11€, but is there an option to add additional plys, or just one ply?


One can add a maximum of one extra ply:

“A maximum of one extra ply applies.”

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I see you’re based in Germany, me too :grin:

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Who in the US is building a enclosure?


That’s a beautiful deck. Very tempted


If I didn’t already have one I’d be all over this.

Will keep an eye out for the enclosure though…


interested as well - wish I had a custom enclosure for my rocket - it would prob still be powered rn


Wow, that looks like an awesome deck. I wish my project pipeline wasn’t full.

I’d ask them to add two plies though


Regarding the enclosure I’m just waiting for confirmation if it’s ok to make the identity public…


Depending who it is I’d definitely be down for one :slight_smile:


Let me know if you change your mind, I can ask if they can make an exception and add two layers.

My pipeline is full at the moment or I’d definitely be down on this

Gonna have to pass :sob:


also interested depending on enclosure size and a couple other bits
really like the look of that deck if it could fit maybe 12s4p p42a

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Yeah, he seems to be MIA right now from the forum, hopefully it’s just temporary.

I would like to put between 60 and 80 cells in there, preferably 21700. Would make a very decent battery.

Hope this happens and we can discuss the details further.


yeah looks super awesome and @b264 convince me something carryable is the way to go so this looks like a more reasonable option for that

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In that case, if you go with thanes instead of pneumies, I would prefer a lighter 12S3P with 21700s. More than enough.

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12s4p p42a on thanes. seems fine

Just curious, how much range do you want to have for commuting?

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prob 20 miles without recharging
but i tend to not charge for longer periods as i dont like to charge at night or when im not there

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