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BBenclosures new and old stuff....(serious)

So the time has finally come to make a stab at getting a thread together to show a little of my wares.
I’ve been making fibreglass enclosures for a while here in the UK and I think I have shipped to more countries than I can remember.
I am working my towards getting more of a shop setup but for the meantime I’m going to try to add some info about current enclosures and upcoming ones. Also answer a few of the frequently asked questions…

To get it out of the way…

A question that is regularly asked is… “can you make me an enclosure for this £30 osprey deck from scratch please?”
Short answer, No.
It takes a long time to make the master from which I take the mould so unless someone is willing to pay for days of time and materials it’s never an option.

“can you make an enclosure for a really cool widely available deck that everyone wants?”
Of course I can sir, step right this way. If there’s a deck that I can get hold of, and has reasonable interest then this is an option.
If Alan already has an enclosure for the deck then I will always recommend getting one from him. They’re always well thought out and excellent quality. (and just so cool)

Now, if I list what I have worked on. I will have almost certainly forgotten a load so this will likely be a process of adding to along the way.
I’ll also try to add internal dimensions as I go.

In the beginning… I made an enclosure for the Landyachtz 9two5…
This has been used on a lot of other decks and what is most likely gonna get the title of universal enclosure.

Landyachtz 9two5 …545mm x 145mm x 40mm
Landyachtz 9two5 …545mm x 145mm x 30mm
Landyachtz evo 39/40 single stack (620mm x145mm x 25mm)
Landyachtz evo double stack 40mm deep slightly reduced depth at the ends
Landyachtz switchblade 36 single stack
Landyachtz switchblade 36 double stack
Landyachtz wolfshark single stack

Loaded Tesseract. Single stack
Loaded Tesseract. Double stack

Earthwing Supermodel single stack
Tayto single stack
Hummie deck Single Stack
Hummie deck Double Stack
Hummie deck Double Stack double tail for 4x4
Hummie deck Double Stack extra wide, extra deep. Can be made with wider lip to fit TB deck.

Psychotiller Killshot.

MkOne deck

All above enclosures are £70

Haero Bro Single stack £100

Now there’s more but I’ll likely add to them in time.

Moulds to come soon.

Loaded Omakase single stack. (days away, SS 12s4p 21700) *edit 12s3p duh!
Old big evo double stack. (flytrap, spooky, elephant)
Hearo Bro Double (a little way out still)

Stock enclosures at time of writing. (I don’t keep many and make to order normally)
These are the last at this price.
Loaded tesseract, Double and single £65
Landyachtz 9two5, double and single.£65
Evo single stack £65

I ship all over the world at cost. Around the UK from about £8, US is generally around £25.

Feel free to add photos, helpful comments…


Humme enclosures

Landyachtz 9two5/Universal


Lanyachtz wolfshark

Landyachtz switchblade 36


Glad to see a vendor thread from you @BigBen !


Just wanted to say what a legend @BigBen is. Besides the enclosures ( I’ve got 3 so far, all of them are flawless) he helped me in many ways…

Unfortunately this is the best I can do to thank you, if we meet someday I’ll buy you as much beer as you want. :joy:

Thanks for everything :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Love my hummie enclosure! Excited to see what else you’ve got to offer


Yes please! Let’s see some pics!


Looking very much forward for this one.
But 21700 12S4P SS on this small deck? :thinking: seems too good to be true.

Edit: perhaps three rows?..


Lol I was about to try making a CAD model of your DS hummie enclosure!


In this layout. (This is an old Tayto mould)


Awesome. This is also probably doable for the Zenit Marble :drooling_face:


Way more space in the marble.


The skinny 9two5 for refrence!


This is awesome what can we fit 21700? Or what’s the biggest I could go :star_struck: and do you have pics :call_me_hand:

:cry: but excited :star_struck:


Ben’s enclosures are awesome! Only played with the ChooChoo one and the Redember 44 SS, but they are super strong and clean :muscle::ok_hand:

Highly recommend!


12s4p 21700


But where are the beautiful red ember enclosures at?

I recall I own one made by you @BigBen !


Here’s the 44

Also found a few others.


Looks like mine! is it @Gerrycorrado 's ?

Great to see you in the vendors corner!


Yes, that’s Gerry’s. He kindly lent it to me for far too long to make the first one from. I did drop it back to Belgium though. :grin: