The AT MOON DRIVE features straight cut gears made from Acetal Delrin and Carbon Steel. With the ability to change the hubs, trucks and gearing ratio this gear drive allows you to pick the right setup for you.


Batch 1 Gearbox Case Cover - £260 - ALL TERRAIN MOON DRIVES - #1350 by sgtmudkipz

Batch 2 Production and Design Details

Starting Batch 2 as of 02/04/2020

Changes from Batch 1

Major Changes

  • Modified Trampa Superstar Pattern - PCD 72mm to PCD 71.5MM
  • SR Clamps now hold a large support bearing
  • 10t,11t,12t,14t pinions all have a keyway

Support bearings on all clamps

Small Changes

Wheel adaptor is 1.5mm thicker

Case is slightly thicker to accommodate standard socket cap screws

Made it so hardware for the drive is cheaper and easier to find:

m2.5 bolts for the lid have been changed to m3

Standard socket cap screws to be used for clamps and motor mounting as opposed to using space saving once

Helical Gears

I have a handful of testers for helical gears for this batch. Will look forward to some riding feedback. I will try and ride these myself if I have the right setup for it.

  1. A drop-in upgrade to existing drives it gears will cost about £110
  2. A standalone full helical drive which will cost about £320
Batch 3 Production and Design Details

Starting Batch 3 21/09/2020 - expect to finish Late November

Batch Info

  • Trampa and MBS setups only
  • All ratios will be available
  • All changes are insignificant to the architecture of the design, parts from previous batches are not now redundant, I aim to keep things this way. Design changes are here to purely help assembly,looks,packing,simplicity and sometimes performance.

Changes from Batch 2

Notable Changes

  • Gearbox Case/Lid Redesign

  • MBS Clamp Redesign - extra tapped holes added and re-positioned for easier assembly, removed grub screw, modified hole for m8 bolt. Clamp to be engraved.

  • Loosen the fit for bearings on the clamps ( to account for the small number of clamps that had tight bearing “axles”

Gearbox Case Redesign

  • lighter by 15% ,
  • lid bolts use m4 bolts instead of m3
  • Fixed motor positions support Helical, 9T pinion straight cut setups and will be used for the steel-steel gear combo (samples to be produced). Gearbox to be engraved.

Lighter, sexier and now the lid bolts use m4 bolts instead of m3 (previously m2.5 in batch 1)

This now means that the

  • Truck Clamp
  • Motors
  • Gearbox Lid

Now uses the same m4x10mm bolt - one of the most common bolt used in esk8

Small Changes

Better fit for the V-ring
Thinner Wheel Adaptor
Thicker Wheel Gear Hub

Key Posts


@moon bug is amazing.
I’m just waiting on final parts to upgrade LaSag’ne to GD


Are the helicals going to be an upgrade option for these or would they be a different set of drives?

Not gonna lie I was hoping to see a google form link for orders while reading through it lol


Helicals will be an upgrade option to this drive.


Do you have any plans on offering different gear ratios (pinion sizes) other than what is listed?

The only other ones I could possibly offer is 13T and 8T. I don’t want too many pinions on offer though for logistical reasons.

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I understand. Thanks!

Yeeeeewwewwww!!! Excellent work! Im starting a moon esk8 savings fund right now :rofl:


Do the wheels and trucks have to be matched as in the table?
Can you pair trampa wheels with trampa trucks too?

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im defo in on this oo

@moon should I PM you or wait for a form?

Don’t read it like a table

Just see whats on that table and absorb the information :joy:

I’ll make it easier to read in a moment


Confusing table aside, this is one of the nicest formatted posts I’ve seen here. Good job.


When do we need to pay you to test these? And… Can I pay you with sex?

But I’m in dude. If you’ll have me.


Wait for a form. I have around 7 drives reserved at the moment and this thread was for those people :joy:


Ooh also, as this is the AT version I think your should call it the “LRV Drive”, after the moon buggy which nasa calls a Lunar Roving Vehicle.


Solid name.


You know me dawg


Yeah you have a history of being really good at coming up with names :joy:


Is this the only boardsport in which the riders would know this type of things?:laughing: I mean it in the most positive way possible but I am not used to this.