👾 Space Invader - Venom's 4th Build

Been cruising this new build for exactly 1 month today so time to celebrate with a build thread :partying_face:
Get popcorn and get naked.

I present to you…

:space_invader: THE SPACE INVADER :space_invader:

My motivation and mindset for this build:

I wanted a board that would zoom faster, take any terrain, and would go the distance so I didn’t have to come home sagging on a ride. My 10s mtb was fun but I was full throttling almost constantly. I named it space invader for the obvious space theme, my love of retro video games, and the fact that I plan on visiting all of you to ride one day and “invade your space”

Parts List:

:space_invader: Space Invader :space_invader:
Deck MBS Pro 97 DWII with dat @Sender treatmeant
Trucks 12204 - MBS Metal Matrix II Truck System - Oil Slick (1) — MBS.COM
Bushings Yellow shock blocks up front, orange in the rear (dyed black)
Hubs MBS Fivestars (dyed black)
Tires MBS T2 9"
Bindings MBS F5s
Motors APS 6384 V2 - 200 kV - 4000W
Motor Mounts @moon LRV Helical Gear Drive 44:9 ratio
ESC Stormcore 60D
Battery 12S9P LG HG6 - Built by @MrDrunkenMobster of @DRI
Enclosure Junction Box - it’s my claim to fame at this point :sweat_smile:
Remote Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2 Waterproof Esk8 Remote

The Build:

This build all started back in June of 2019. I’d had my eye on the DW2 pro 97 deck and a buddy at MBS told me about one that had a blemish on the nose. After getting some photos and determining the damage would be cut out anyway, I got it at a solid discount.

I sent it over to Tim (@sender) for some love and after some back and forth (not being able to make up my mind) we settled on this skin:


August 19, 2019 - @Andy87 alerts me that there are now oil slick versions of my favorite trucks, the matrix 2s:

These will be perfect with my space theme and I demand them for Christmas from the wife.

Deck arrives April 6th and It’s a dream:

Parts collected so far:

It’s May by this point and I’m going stir crazy having the growing beast staring me in the face every day. I begin investing in upgrades as final components are getting closer.

Battle Harden Motors:

White hubs clashing with my theme needs fixed:

  • Try chromapaint?

  • Try hydro dip?

  • Not perfect :cry: black it is :black_heart:

I’m Dyeing Inside:

A big bubbling pot of rit dye and here we goooo!

Much better! Full details of how my dyeing process can be found here.

Battery Build:

I own no spot welder and don’t trust myself to make a battery without direct supervision for my first time so I outsourced to @MrDrunkenMobster. He kept me super up to date and in the loop at all point of time and I couldn’t recommend him more.

I mean, just look at this beauty:

And that fit?


:drum: :drum: :drum:


:microphone: :arrow_double_down:

Oh man are they pretty. The finish is supreme and it just feels right to hold.

Enclosure Mounting:

The deck has an asymmetrical concave so I tried a new mounting method out.

  1. Velcro on the edges of the deck to prevent twisting or shifting and as backup if bolts fail.

  2. Neoprene wedge in the middle to dampen any vibrations while allowing flex.

  3. Sex bolts to do the heavy lifting :muscle:

    To spread the load better, I used washers and finally rubber washers to keep any water from being able to seep in.

  4. Enclosure mounted.

Bitch I’m WIRED UP

PG cable gland in and out of the way of my footie.

So much room for my leg for such a big enclosure.


So nice and clean :heart_eyes:

…until it failed motor detection. When forcing a cable through the fancy y-split heat shrink, I must have disconnected one :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


68 bad words later…



I am in love. This board is everything I wanted and more.

I can tear it up on the street

and off

Still not sure if I’m liking the holo on the motors or not…

Keep holo motors or no?
  • Keep it, shiny
  • Bleep it, too shiny

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48 mph / 78 kph

This is my current top speed unless updated below.

If you made it to this point, thank you for reading or at least scrolling to the end. I love you.




Lol why did I reserve these? Like someone’s gonna scroll up to see an update.


Reserved 3



And you even have a 5:1 gear ratio. Damn!

Are you longing for more torque? Or is the current setup fine / too much to handle anyway?

Cool looking build btw :+1:



Dude. Build = AMAZING. THERE IS NOTHING NOT TO LIKE. Keep them motors shiny, because space. Rocket ships : shiny, sun and other large imploding stars : shiny, your eyes as you rocket along your adventure : shiny.
Let’s also address this build thread. Entertaining and very well done. Thank you for sharing. I will steal some of these things. Inspired me to change my build to a top mount. Keep me bindings and rock the matrix 2’s instead of the 1’s. Wish I could afford gears, but that’s a build or two away. So nice.
What’s this bitch weighing in at? Also, them hg6’s right?!? Wish I could get me some moar.


So so tasty. This is the sexiest MTB.


The 9" tires definitely make it less zippy than my 10s board with 8" wheels but still enough torque to trek in the woods. I think going higher voltage/ lower amps sacrifices a bit of torque too. I’m going to throw 8" on there and see how much different it is.

She is a hefty 44 lbs :sweat_smile:. Those HG6s were sooo cheap for a week. $2 per cell was too nice to pass up.

Thank you all!


Forget about the Holo the real question is why are you riding it in reverse?


I think that every time I watch that clip. I’m actually riding forward :exploding_head:


Now that’s my type of build thread.
Hats of to you Justin, the level of planning and beauty here is


Man your builds are so cool. This is great. Makes me wanna do a mtb. “ride anywhere” is pretty appealing. Never ridden these types of trucks though… What do you like about it compared to RKP?

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That’s why i have 120 of them just waiting on everything!

Bad ass build man, it all came together really nicely.


I really like the feeling of return on both sides building up the more I lean into the turn. My hummie on rkps takes a lot of control from the waist down, my mtbs on the matrix trucks get my whole body into the ride and I find it much more enjoyable. It would concern me to lean that far off a board with only one bushing in the middle. Moon’s new rkps on his Haero deck are like that though so I’m keeping my eyes on that to see how it performs.

I also grew up riding mtbs and not skateboards though :thinking:


That’s beaauutiful. nice writeup too

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So sweet! I would nominate it for best build 2020 :heart:


That all comes together very nicely! Well done :ok_hand::+1:

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love the space theme, gorgeous deck :+1:

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I would love to have this build invade my space.


Amazing. Definitely a contender for best looking build of 2020 (if not all time)

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