2020 Build of the Year--Winners and Prizes!

Hey all-

Thanks so much for participating in BOTY 2020. Despite the “please god let me make it to the Taco Bell restroom in time” rush scheduling, we all pulled if off as a community.

Big thanks to my buds @xsynatic and @BenjaminF for killing it, and to the great vendors of this community, who we feel stepped up big-time on a moment’s notice.

So without further blather, here are the stars of the show:

In 1st place:

Ground Control by @DEEIF!

His fabulous prizes are...

-Skinned Evo 40! Generously donated by @glyphiks

Your choice of killer enclosure from the legend eBoosted! @eBoosted

-A Custom DavegaX with BOTY Winner splashscreen! @janpom

-A Robogotchi from DRI! @DRI

-$100 worth of Riptide products from @RipTideSports!

-A premium hat from our friends at Lacroix

In 2nd place:

Madness by @glyphiks!

This rumbler-from-down-under will soon be getting his greasy mitts on...

-A Vesc6-inspired Maker-x DV6!: @YUTW123

-Mbs rockstar 2 hubs or set of tires! (Up to winner)

-A Xenith/Stormcore enclosure from ApexCustoms! @ApexBoards!

-1 suh-wheet loopkey from SabreDynamics! @SabreDynamics

-A premium hat from our friends at Lacroix!

-A lifetime supply of cheap, warm beer. (j/k)

In 3rd place:

Indigo Love Child by @Soflo!

What do you get the man who has everything? We have no idea, but this was our best shot...

-Midnight Puck and Receiver from the folks at Hoyt St! @JJHoyt

-$100 worth of Riptide products from @RipTideSports !

-2 sets of custom x-things! (Sabre and Radium 1 each)


Sabre Dynamics:

-A premium hat from our friends at Lacroix!

(We’ll arrange things between the winners and vendors in PMs.)

Let’s all give a big round of applause for our winners and all the worthy competitors, and let’s also show some love to our vendors if you need some gear in the near future.

Thanks, all!


This was a pleasure to be a part of this year, congrats to the winners! Big thanks to @BillGordon and @xsynatic for making this happen, and snatching a victory for the community from the jaws of defeat!


Wooooow damn @DEEIF you just hit it big :eyes:


Fuck I need to get in on these…the loot pool is insane! Congrats boys!


This is exactly the reaction we were looking for :wink:

To any members reading this (old, new, loud voiced, or lurking) consider this your call to action for 2021 Build of the Year! You could find yourself on the receiving end of some fabulous prizes, and fame and fortune to boot!


Yeah, we are blessed with great vendors in this community. They really came up big.


Congratulations winners!
I’m looking forward to raking in all that luscious 1st Place loot next year. :smiling_imp:


Hell yeah man, I cant wait to see what you cook up this year!


Wow crazy prizes!! Congrats to the winners, you guys have earned it!

@DEEIF Excited to see more racing from you in 2021 when you’re not kicking arse at lacrosse

@glyphiks stay crazy dingo, following the madness build through the year was always a fun weekly occurance

@Soflo Purple is my favorite color, you’ve really got a polarizing build


Voter fraud. Good job gentleman, you to Al.



Can you change @DEEIF title to “2020 Builder of the Year”?


frank alert frank alert


Please read more.


on the spintend frank bit his head off for saying vesc based
so vesc inspired is probably also under that category

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Really really awesome what the Vendors came up with in this short amount of time.

Thank you @BillGordon and @BenjaminF for having me on this years BOTY contest. Next time I’ll try to be a little more helpful :crazy_face:

Congratulations @DEEIF for winning this competition with your awesome board! Let’s see what what you come up with next.

Same goes for @glyphiks Your board was something else, truly a tank of its own.

Not to forget @Soflo , very clean board with an awesome paint job. Love it!

Here again a full list of the Vendors. The competition wouldn’t be the same without them, so give them some love!



You already were. Really felt like everyone on the committee contributed equally and effectively.


Lol, I hope Apex add the mounting holes to their upcoming ESC enclosure for the DV6! Otherwise @glyphiks is getting some incompatible parts as his prize :stuck_out_tongue: (Totally not eyeing the same combo myself)


Congrats on the winner ! Sick build these are !
Kinda lurking over the prizes :eyes:


Al could turn a lukewarm bologna sandwich and a roll of wet duct tape into a full AWD esk8. He’ll sort it.