[US] Yard Sale! New, used and free - bms, battery supplies, motors/hubs and more!

Cleaning out the closet and tight on cash so need to try n hock some stuff if even for a few bucks. Shipping not included, nor are paypal fees… but will try and get the best shipping rate for you… obviously if you get multiple things that helps packaging…

all things “as-is” but will disclose any issues as best i can if there are any!

EDIT: all sold items removed =)

$50 shipped
bestech bms comes all pre wired for action and wrapped. D596 - 12s 80amp constant output… comes with xt 90s… 18awg charge leads, and pre wrapped in shrink wrap… will aslo throw in a pre wired on/off bms switch as well (not pictured)


2 - 12awg silicone wire … 1 meter red…1 meter black

$.25cents each
basic toggle switch. perfect for lights or bms on/off switch. not weather proof but never had any issues in a year.

36" sensors wires… built for a top mount build but didnt need them. Used ethernet cable to make the long exstension. Tried, tested and proven…by me. Never saw a day on the road.

one single belt brand new… 300mm 5m 15mm

$15 - 4 pack of 280mm belts as pictured

$.25/ft - 1/2 split wire loom

$30 - 4 - 8" tires… 200 x 50 F0 type… Doesn’t fit trampa style hubs unless yur using lube and force lol (no tubes)

3 - 10s 8amp chargers $35 each, brand new
comes with a 2.1mm barrel plug

3 - 10s bms with pigtail. $5
unknown specs, came off the ebay packs from alarmhookup back in the day, in working condition and no issues that i know of, probably best bet for charge only, never had any issues charging at 5amps

12s bms, charge only doesnt do balancing… yeah just what i said… probably useful for some sort of project, brand new $10

1 left - 15t 10mm bore, 15mm wide aluminum pulley, brand new $5
2 set screws

$FREE red meepo hub, seized but makes a good paper weight or something for science

$10 - 18650 cell holders, most are new, most 2p with some that are 1p or 3p… enough to hold at least 90 cells top and bottom…maybe 98 if my counting was accurate.

$.75 cents pure nickel by the foot - 10mm x .15mm salt water tested… by the foot only, i want to keep some for me if the spool gets low

$1 per pack, 10 per pack, brand new, great for sealing that case down,
make sure 3/4" works for the thickness of you case/seal/insert combo


Dibs on 2 packs of tail lights and the 10s 2a charger

Edit: and a couple feet of the cable

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Dibs on meepo esc

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Dibs on the other 2 packs of tail lights and headlight, TB hanger, and probably a few feet of cable wrap too.

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just added nickel strip I forgot about …

and some buck converters if you need em for the lights… @Mobutusan @ZachTetra


Dibs on some of the braid hose

Dibs on:
10ft of nickel
A pack of tail lights
A buck converter
6ft braid hose
One 10s charger (do you really have that many, lol)

Where are you located? Would love to take the motor can off of your hands

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How much for the remaining nickel?

Dibs on the 10s 5A charger with the adaptor.

CT just outside NYC

What do you want for the enclosure?

@Bobby, grab a 5a charger. @b264 here are some motor pulleys too


Trust me, I saw it

Trying to resist the temptation to grab a 5A charger

Dibbs on the 5 a charger

dibs on free motor

Dibs on one of those 5A chargers with an adapter

Dibs on a 5A charger with adaptor


Lol .


You still got a 10s 5a charger?

Dibs on the 10s 5a charger and the TB enclosure