[US] Yard Sale! New, used and free - bms, battery supplies, motors/hubs and more!

1 left pending sale, but if i doesnt happen will let you know… =)

$50 shipped

just adding a bestech bms comes all pre wired for action and wrapped. D596 - 12s 80amp constant output… comes with xt 90s… 18awg charge leads, and pre wrapped in shrink wrap… will aslo throw in a pre wired on/off bms switch as well (not pictured)


Did you run this bms in a build? Was it good? Also what were your settings if that’s the case.

yeah lightly used… worked great just had to rip the pack apart for a top mount build, restructure and needed a smaller bms for it to fit in the case.

ran 60amp max out of it and -24 for regen.

Did you run a dual motor build? Are you talking 30/30 or 60/60

For battery current

it was a dual build… but a bms doesnt discriminate against single/dual… i was on a unity… so 60 amp battery max and -24 regen… motor settings are kind of moot… the question is can the battery and/bms deliver what one needs for a buiuld…depeing how the decide to build =)

2 - unities added at the top as well!

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I’m planning a 12s6p 30q, not sure if this will be the best bms

there isnt a bms that could do 120amps if you were even going to tune that high… 90amps is the highest bms ive seen… anything above you would just bypass the bms for discharge, use one a charge only bms… in that case just get a D140.

Dibs on the bestech BMS

New random crap added to the top… Pictures here for reference as to what is added…

So are there any more 10s5a chargers

sorry no, only 8amp but with an easy up grade of charge wiring (depending what u currently have) you could be full charged faster!

I might be interested, what type of fuse we looking at, 15amp?

actually not the fuse… 20awg wire at the minimum…i use 18awg… but most important is NOT to use a red jst…theyre capped at 5amp… so the connecttion between battery and charge port… if its anything else yur good… deans, xt 30 or 60…3.5mm bullets…what ever…

Using xt90’s but 14awg😕

No no no, lol. I meant the only wires I have is 14awg. I should have elaborated, im running 4a through a 7.5 amp fuse and I think the wires connecting to the xt90 I’m using to charge is 6awg

Is my current 6awg wire good with the 4a charger I’m using? I’m getting worried

My bad, Lol. I’m completely off with this awg thing. Maybe something from 25-30. I forgot that the larger the Xawg is, the thinner