WTS/US - fritted deck, 10s chargers, 36T, 20T, belts

Mix of new and used items and then still some left overs from a previous thread as well…

shipping not included but coming from 06854 if you want to do the math. paypal FnF or add 3% for fees please.

20t aluminum pulleys 15mm, 8mm shaft minimal use

Gen 1 meepo battery case. Will fit a 10s2p 18650 battery, switch installed for lights or whatever u may want!

Meepo style battery… 10s2p 18650 lgeamf cells 4ah battery. How much use? Not a little, not tons but has been well used but shpuld still be plenty of life in it actually. Sold as-is.

other random bits still available over here:

not eskate related:

Muscle Massage Guns. $110 shipped, no tax, I sell these online a lot 1yr warranty, 8 tips 5.2ah battery
great for sore feet from long rides or any other personal issues :wink:



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Thanks Mark, I actually saw this earlier. If Robbin isn’t able to drop off his extra charger, I will grab one from here most likely.

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lol its not an extra charger, it would be a loaner.
buy it, if not I will and I can give you me 2A for keeps


haha okay. I was willing to pay for yours, but oke.

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ohh lol ok lemme buy this one.
Dont worry about paying for the 2A, Mark has given me enough free shit that it would be a sin to charge amongst our group


thanks! If it is too much hassle, I can take one from here. I don’t want to inconvenience you too much.

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naw dude dont worry about it, its no issue at all. :slight_smile:

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Pmd u