Trampa 12s7p, VESC6, 6374 sk8, e-toxx mini gear drive

This is a sort of random stuff from my Trampa build.

The board was purchased as a complete from Trampa, I made the battery for it and at some point changed the motors and then lately switched to gear drive.

Board is here, batteries just came in, the spot welder is lost somewhere in the German post system :roll_eyes:and a second one is on the way, BMS is on the way from the USA
The vendor that I ordered the fishpaper and such as usual has not shipped anything yet :roll_eyes:.

My RC heli batteries don’t fit in the monster box so I tried the board with only a pair of 6s 5000mAh. As you can imagine I just got a feel for it since I did not want to damage them.

It is going to be really tight


The things I do for love (errr, esk8 :laughing:)
I did not have a big 3s battery for the spot welder, so I had two options:
Connect in parallel my 5pcs 3S 1300mAh batteries or repurpose a 6S 5000mAh that had one dead cell.

All that is left is to put shrink wrap and a connector and I am in business.



I kept my batteries warm to make sure I got the best out of them. :joy:



And it fits :sunglasses:

You would not believe what gave me grief. The freaking heat shrink.
Nkon did not have the size i wanted in stock so I got a huge one that tried to make it work.
It did after 2 failed attempts and my OCD compels me to change it at the first opportunity.
Now that is see all that empty space I think I should have gone for a 12s8p or 9p. :joy:


Put e title to : how to build electric skateboard

Awesome build cereal killer


The board as it came from Trampa

The board in it’s current status


Anyone else having trouble loading the first images in this thread? :confused: I think it’s because they’re hosted externally.

Give me a little time, I will fix that.

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Let me guess. You drive a big ass truck too don’t ya?

Nice build dude! Love it!

Nope, just a Skoda

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I have been missing the concave on that board so I thought I should try one of those add on solutions and see what happens.

I printed some of these pads. I was out of PETG so I figured I would try PLA and see what happens. Since they are thin, they are flexible enough so mission accomplished.

Since these would be used on a MTB with bindings I did a few modifications.
Yes I am lazy and have too many tools. Grinding them down was a lot faster than designing them again. Did you know that PLA smells like coffee on the belt grinder?

I did not want to epoxy them on the deck so I figured I would use 3M VHB tape. This thing is strong enough to do the job and I required can be taken off without leaving a mess.

Doesn’t look bad.

Did a very short test and I really, really like it. All the advantages without any of the disadvantages (reduced flex etc).

We will see how it goes long term but so far it looks very promising.


how could i miss the concave update on your board…


Because I did it this morning? :joy:


Where those jump shots at bro?
:muscle: :weight_lifting_man:

Great now look what you’ve started. I’m going to go break myself in half today trying to impress you.




Oh boy. Bar has been set. Weather looks good and short day at work. If I don’t post anything for a few hours it’s because I got instantly famous and definitely not that I wrecked myself.


Dammit Justin, I should have had a camera with me this Sunday.
I did a wicked high jump off a natural dirt ramp at the side of the road to enter a trail in front of some mountain bikers.
It was a good thing I landed it with poise and kept on riding. :rofl:

Also, new bindings


I’ve seen those decks land after jumping and they flexed all the way to the ground does yours do that?

Still jealous!

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Air time