Thing1/ 1st(good)build /vesc6 /dual 6355 /12s5p

So here is my first build and after looking at the steps I took from my first attempt to now…whoa.

I would like to thank the whole community for helping me get this build together and allow me to create something like this.

speacial thank to @tinp123 @Acido @Sender for telling me about glass frit and @BigBen

hopefully this is not my last build and i will upgrade it soon

So as a 14 year old my money and recourses were slightly more constrained.

Then after learning my lesson on buy cheap buy twice here is what I came up with

Deck: landyachtz clone 40inch (I will change to a genuine one soon)

Enclosure: fiberglass + epoxy (thank you to @BigBen) made for 9two5 deck

Battery : 12s5p 30q with charge and discharge bestech bms (thank you @tinp123)(bms contains an antispark)

Vesc: 2 vesc6 trampa (thank you @Boardnamics and @Trampa)

Remote: mini remote (going to upgrade soon)

Wheels: abec11 97mm

Motors: flipsky 6355 190kv

Trucks: tb218 with riptide bushing

Mounts: marcmt mounts/ janux mounts

Pulleys: 15t motor 32t and 40t wheel(3d printed)

Thank you to @Acido for doing some solder work for me

Not really sure of price or specs but calculator gives 35 miles at 40mph

I was more or less just making a board with decent range, speed and comfort ability. but the main thing was reliablity and not killing myself

edit: did first test just round my garden and so on everything was smooth and nicely done except braking which i will sort out

vesc settings: per motor

45 motor current
-40 motor brake current
40 battery max
-5 regen


what you doing for anti spark? glwb

The bestech bms has an inbuilt anti spark

I approve of everything except the name


It just doesn’t have that ring to it

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didnt exactly think for hours about the name

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nice so far! I often read sth about the flipsky motors arent that good in long term but also never had them myself :slight_smile:

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so i have set up my board and while waiting for my enclosure from @BigBen i have done some indoor testing

the acceleration and speed is fine however the brakes are really weak and i can shuffle the board with my feet even on full brake

anyone know how to help

if your board is on stand still not moving than you apply the throttle to full brake and kick the board with your leg it will move, it´s normal.
if you release the trigger, kick the board again and only than apply brakes it will brake, but as soon as it stays you could push it with your leg again.

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oh didnt know that haven really used it at any speed yet so will see when my enclosure comes from @bigben

So I tried the board out down my road yesterday and the acceleration and speed was fine but the brakes were loud and weak

And help

It just sounded like the belt was grinding against the pulleys

Need to up your battery regen current for stronger brakes -5 is really low.

I personally run -16 regen on both my 12s4p 30q packs.

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Pictures added

K will try

Is that -16 each or -16 overall

Ahh -16 overall.

With a 5p pack I’d do -10 for each drive.

Also are you having issues with low speed braking or braking at higher speeds?

Keep in mind that these aren’t mechanical brakes and even at full brake you’ll be able to push through it if your really trying. They can’t keep you at a standstill on hills or anything like that.

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Low speed braking

I realised but at low speeds it brakes after 3 meters so really weak and loud

Kk just making sure you can always try upping negative motor Amps to see if it makes a difference for ya.

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Will see and experiment

So was trying to do that and now for some reason the ppm input isn’t being passed over canbus

When I save it only the vesc with the receiver connected wheels turn

Help please