Wtt full build for lots of parts eu/uk looking for working board

decided building isnt for me (for the moment) as everything i do just seems to go wrong or not work out

i have most the parts to complete a good build and the thread for it is here

the parts are listed there and all are new or nearly new

i am looking to trade it for a working board

the conditions this board has to have is a large range, reliable and waterproof also preferably a longboard which looks quite nice and slick

i am based in the uk so preferably shipping from there i can probably ship to anywhere in eu via gls though

if you have anything which could be worthwhile then please say so looking for any half decent option

you will get all the parts listed except for the deck which is only worth around £40

the enclosure is for landyachtz 9two5 deck which you can buy

other then the build i have a bunch of spare screws loctite and other bits which can come with it

i am sorry to have to leave my build but everything just seems to be going wrong for me

not leaving the hobby just desperate to ride again

thank you in advance and please pm with offers

looking for offers i think the board is valued at around $1.5k (is that fair)

so looking for something of a similar price

dont mind a pre-built as long as it is a good worth it one

Hold on here just a sec… Are you serious throwing in the towel after those 100+ thread’s you created here and on the other forum? Pissing the majority of members off :smiley:
All that for nothing?? Damn man. Only quitters quit!


then i am a quitter i guess

but seriously i have exams next year and also this build seems to be just not going right for me

i haven’t ridden a board in the last 6 months and that is the main reason i got into the hobby

i am not giving up on it and i will still be around to annoy you all

rather i am just going to get one good build which i can ride and then start a new build from a new start

For some of us, it’s not a hobby, it’s just transportation.


it really is both

i love building but i just want to ride again

eitherway looking for a fully functional board which i could just go off and ride

https://metro-board.com is made for you

Or buy a @longhairedboy or @Psychotiller custom build.


BioBoards might be a good option for you


He is in the UK

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I would prefer just finding a trade with someone rather then selling all the parts then buying a build

Sorry you’ve decided to sell. pre built is probably better for now anyways.
BUT if you wanna sell something you’ve got to at least take the time to list it out and not expect people to go digging through your build thread.

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this is a trade not a sell plus I updated the build thread so everything is straight there

Same thing. You’re offering a product.
If you want people to respond with offers you gotta put in the time to list it correctly and clearly. Don’t make the buyer do the work to figure out what they are trading for.


Because you’re a frantic mess I think close and clear pictures of each part, disassembled and ready for shipping will be needed.

Someone might be willing to run the gauntlet though :man_shrugging: all kinds of people in the world.


it shall be done

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You can sell your parts and try to get Unik/StreetWing/ElectricBoardSolution pre-built. Or get an Asian pre-built


Wait, wut!?

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You will probably be able to find a buyer quicker then a seller.

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