The wrecktangle first build, 12s5p, pneumatics, flipsky 6355, trampa vesc

So I thought I would redocument my build since my old thread has a lot of old and useless info

Thank yous

I would like to start by thanking a couple people who really allowed my build to come together
@tinp123 built my battery and printed a bunch of parts for me also I have asked hundreds of questions which he patiently answered for me

@MauveMaverick I chatted with him on discord and we exchange dinner hundreds of messages he helped me with tons of things allowing me to get my board working for the first time

@Brenternet loaned me £180 which allowed me to go And continue building rather then having to sell my parts

@BillGordon @mmaner @longhairedboy and all others mods for reallY making this forum an awesome place

The whole forum for being an awesome place which I love so much to Be on


I started in 2018 buying a meepo style Chinese board which I had till the summer this year were the battery died
I had also built my first diy which was a cheap Chinese 4wd hub motor which was before I found the forum
I have never been a very fast or hard rider soo when I came to here’s with a budget of around £1000 (I spent a whole lot more) I was looking for long range comfortable board which is semi waterproof for London roads Also I love speeding up hills as I have something nice 20% gradients here so I needed quite a bit of toque
Currently this will Be my only build for a while as I am collecting funds for for a second board

Current parts

Flipsky 6355
Janus mounts
6x2 aliexpress wheels
50:15 gearing
@RipTideSports bushings

12s5p 30q built by @tinp123 with charge and discharge bestech bms and anti spark switch
2x trampa vesc 6 running on dual receivers for @b264
Mini remote

I bought an earthwing supermodel deck and @BigBen enclosure from someone’s on the old forum
I added gasket and foam for waterproofing and am using threaded inserts
It came with a custom design on it saying moon not sure exactly why And is using spray on grip tape

Metr module (not pro)
Getting a flipsky davega with custom enclosure from @tinp123 which I will upgrade to a real davega later on
Getting a vx2 in @Anubis gb

Yzpower 8amp charger through xt60


Some links to old threads
Thing1/ 1st(good)build /vesc6 /dual 6355 /12s5p


Old parts

Random eBay deck (was rubbish and I ended up trying glass frit on it and just ended up with cut hands cause I used medium frit also no enclosure fitted still just lying in my room if anyone’s wants it)

Boardnamics mounts(didn’t get enough clearance so had to go with some bigger reverse mounts)

Abec11 flywheels 97mm (not very comfortable on London roads and I needed more stability

Couple other bits I will add once I remember


Motor amps=45
Motor brake amps=-40
Max battery=45
Per vesc


Feels amazing to ride and haven’t gone above 35mph yet
Really comfortable and pleasant to go on
I love the turning and at the same time I am not getting any major speed wobbles
Overall exactly what I was looking for when I started building
I will upload some ride logs soon

Next build

My plan for the next build is a short range commuter on a nice flex deck
Maybe Samsung 40t 10s3p with either some hubs or a nano gear drive/moon gear drive
This build is probably still a good year away but excited to start building again

Please give any name suggestions I found you can

Thanks to everyone and happy reading

Lastly @Skunk hi deckoz


Pics added to original post and to here


Please give name ideas if possible


Belt too loose, got my dick stuck in a fan


Pics not here, printed a dickosaurus.


Calm down everyone pics are coming

@Brenternet as funny as you are I still don’t get the second bit

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Don’t worry about it.
@Brenternet is sometimes self projecting :rofl:


Added pics


Well it’s purplish coloured and it’s sort of rebellious to ride it around London atm soo Mauve Maverick :smiley:

Only joking please don’t call it that


K if you insist

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I was joking, you shouldn’t call it that :slight_smile: . You didn’t read my tiny text.


Yeah I did but it was funny to annoy you

Also how do you do that tiny text

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<sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub> Only joking please don't call it that </sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub>

Use the html sub tags is how I do it. Copy and paste the above and change the text in the middle and you’re good to go.




He couldn’t enjoy the build, because of the loose belts. That’s what he is saying.

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He is also flogging a horse that’s already a puddle of mush.


The “WreckTangle” could be fun


I like it

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Why wrecktangle?

I think it’s name should reference the fact the you built it dispite all the neysayers.


Have you read my last thread :bullettrain_front: —> :fire:

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