Thing1/ 1st(good)build /vesc6 /dual 6355 /12s5p

How are you getting on? In those photos your motor cables are far too tight and your wheel pulley retainer is looking a little funky? You also need to insulate the motor bullet connections, heat shrink after connecting them.
Hope you’re ok, not like you to have not posted for a while…


so I have not yet decided how I will keep all the cables stuck to the board (open for suggestions)

having problems with canbus ppm signals at the moment and trying to sort it out

So I just tried it round my area and everything was smooth except the braking which is loud And weak still

Settings were changed but it is still not strong enough also the noise is loud and sounds like the belt I should skipping lots of the teeth

Is it worth trying it using 2 idler pulleys instead of one

Anyone know how to help

Try to replicate it and make a video.

Will do so

I will upload it later

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tell me what you think

Your belts are huge, your tensioning is completely off, you definitely need to fix that


so I am running 400mm would should I go down to

Take a picture of the idler/mount how many teeth are your wheel pulley and motor pulley

400 is something you would use for a mountain board, you definitely have the wrong belt size

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so it is a janux mount which is probably meant for a mountain board but I am using it as a street board

it is 40t and 15t pulleys with a single idler

the guy I bought it from recommended this size

link to where I bought it from

Try 320,325,330,345

i don’t have the money to buy so many belts

eitherway it is a near fit so it is probably a 395 or 390

I asked for a picture because it is obviously not a close fit. I want to see your belt setup

will send when i get home

Get a piece of string, wrap it around the pulleys, measure it with a ruler, compare the offset to a known belt. Perfect belt length aquired


how tight should a belt be


Belts should engage with a good amount of the pulley. It shouldn’t be so tight that it’s hard to move tho. It should give when you press down on it but not a lot.