The Urban Slayer | Surfrodz| Geardrive | 12s4p 40t | Dual 6374 | Flipsky 6.6 |

I’m continuing the slayer themed board building with a more ambitiuos project this time,
(old slayers Street Slayer, 12s, Surfrodz, Flipsky 6,6, Gummies )
I had a year full of destruction, realising that I need something way more bullet proof and I really really needed pneumies. So after some after thought I went with hummie deck and a single stack enclousure.
Besides the rims and the front trucks from the old build, nothing else wil be used, because the board is way too beaten. I have a part list here, and pictures and some more write up next. I’m dividing the next posts in
What i dont have,
What I have and
What I don’t know.

Deck: Hummie deck with a touch from @Sender
Enclouse: Bigbens single stack one, also Senderized
Trucks: Surfrodz RKP on adjustable baseplates.
Wheels: Trammpas SuperStars.
Tyres: Evolve 150mm AT ones.
Bearings: Seismic Tekton Ceramics.
Cells: Samsung 40t.
BMS: Probably new flexi lite.
Antispark: Martins push to spark, version unknown.
Vesc: Flipsky 6.6 dual.
Motors: TB 6380 170Kv
Reduction: @moon gear drive 44/12

Bonus: 5a charger, sickest charge port ever, lights…

After the details are out of the way, lets get down to buisnis and the situation at this moment.

So what I don’t have, I’m still waiting for the geardrives to be shipped, the deck+enclousure and the motors are in UK atm, I’m sure I’ll get them next week.
Pictures by sender:

02e665e5339be986984a50cc23f003509dc22d9b_2_690x405 eebfc0d735836a2c161acfbb42bfb11e86ce3a87_2_427x499

As you can see, the deck had quite some work done on it. the cut out is widened, carbon wrapped and It has a cable embeded in the deck under the carbon fiber for the front lights.


I designed the graphips and Sender did his magic!

Next on what I don’t have, a bms, high amp charger, tyres/tubes, a few bolts here and where.

Now going back home on the what i have situation.

That’s a sick charge plug/socket by sunnko, rated 10 amps at 500Volts!

Martins push to start. (Best thing ever)

Enclousure mounting hardware. These are m6 size with huge washers, nylon rings under them and 10.9 bolts.

Megastars, 220 hangers on adjustable baseplates and riptide bushings in a few duros.
Still need to get some shorter bolts for the trucks.

A 12s4p pack from Samsung 40t!

I also have all the gasket, velcro, fishpaper, o ring, washers and etc stuff, just waiting for the deck and the drives. Untill my flipsky 6.6 is still running i will happily use it, but I’m ditching regular bullets, these are the shit.

Not A lot of things left to do, my thoughts at the moment are on the remote, push to start, lights and finishing battery assembly.

As for the remote, I have a maytech one rebranded by eskating, it is fairly good, but cutouts ocour time to time, so as for the temporary solution I’m thinking of maybe the first flipsky one, until the OSRS becomes generally available. I do have the X makers remote coming in for another build, witch I’M pretty excited to try out.

If going bullet proof, this is not the all mighty antispark, I bought it just to have it on hand, but I’m thinking of 3d servisas one.

I have zero ideas for the lights at the moment, well I do have a few, but they are not build up yet, untill when, I was thinking just maybe a pair of new shreds and call it a day.

Now the battery and the acctuall reason I’m starting a thread now, way to many thoughts on the battery configurations. First the bms, until the flexi lite comes out I have 3 options:
take my old bms out and use it for a while. but I would like to salvage the old pack as it is.
Use no bms at all…? Kinda did that with balanced cells, worked fine.
Buy the Xiaoxiangi bluetooth one, I’m kinda curiuos about the app feature, this would be my first go to, but after doing the math, I’m 1.5cm short in deck lenght, but we shall see once the deck gets here.
Now the actual battery, I have cells glued in series and to the PCBS, positive side is isolated very very well. I have some unsure thoughts about the Individual P groups connections, as for series, 14mm wide braid, 2 strands beatwen groups.
For groups I was thinking one strip bat to pcb, and one strip on top of all 4 bat, but ALSO on the pcb, these are not very high rated. The strip in mind and bought is 12mm 0.15 rated at 40A, I’m just putting this link here, the strips and feedback look very legit, but I kinda never seen these high ratings for strips.
What are your thoughts on it?

This came out as a bit lenghty read, and if you came this far and have some tips/feedback, that would be apreciated, thank you.


I don’t get the current rating for that strip either.

I had my push to start switch from @MartinSp die on me before even getting the board together, so I suggest you test yours asap to see if it works.

How did it die exactly? I have two of them just in case.

Well it can’t be programmed anymore, can never get the setup light to come on any more. Doesn’t function like a regular antispark either; is just always on. :confused:

Seems realistic to me, 10mm 0.15 is 35A. Almost all current flow is across the series connections anyways. Looks like its going to be a sick board dude

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I honestly have no idea, just noticed them on hobbyking. They are way way way more comfortable to plug/unplug, also no need to shrink wrap or anything.
@Lee_Wright I bought 12x0.15 one, rated for 40a, would you have a word on my parallel connection idea maybe? If trusting these ratings, I should be fine I think, but hell knows.

Edit, fuck me, this will be a sweet ride.


I’LL have a fun weekend



Okey, so weekend update. I really enjoyed using Malectrics spot welder, the welds are consistent and the work flow is only limited by my fingers.

So after 1800 welds I now have completed all the P groups for the hummie.

I’ll do the series tomorrow. Now the hummie and the geardrives are in the country, so I only need 2 things, a bms and tubes, might be running things sooner than expected.


I can’t believe the amount of greatness in these products coming from forum members, @moon thank you sir!


So I sat down to do the series connections, took me way longer than expected.

And now we have this beast of a pack, after 5 days of work, I would trust this pack with my life, and I’LL proudly will.


Looks nice! Haven’t you forgotten about balance leads though?

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What lipo are you using for the welder? Are those batteries in parallel?

@janpom I’ll add those once I get the the bms, the pack now is only temporary sealed.
@IndianGummy I’m using 2 Turnigy 30-40c 5000mah packs in parallel.


3s or 4s?

For sure 3s

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Thanks for the help. You think one 3s 40-60c lipo is enough for the malelectrics or no?

I would say depends on the amount of welds to be done, officially they state 40-60 is needed.

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I guess this is how Christmas feels like.