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The Outlaw Star - "what has come” 4WD | 1:42 3DS | 6380/4 | Flux | 12S9P 50E

Hey folks,

As some of you may have seen I bought most of @Skyart’s range monster build. I got it running with some focbox’s, and widened superstars with phat tires after about 10 miles of my initial test ride I was having a blast still having like 85% of the battery available. However, I started to experience thermal throttling like never before. This is all on me I think, no initial heat sink on those good ol focboxs. I’m not used to having a board with this much range so and I really want this thing to be “I can go anywhere for as long and as hard as I want” call it the Viagra of my collection.

Board’s original thread: The What Could Have Been : Flux|SC 60D|12s9p 50E|3Dservisas stuff

So here are my plans:
4wd via some more 3DS 4.2:1 eco drives (already ordered), dual Unities (already owned in the hoard), and 4 APS 6384’s 170kv (already owned in the hoard).
The biggest heat sink I can fit. Currently I’ve ordered two of these
However I may just wait for the 3DS restock of Unity heat sinks.
Since this is a 12s9p 50E battery I will not be pushing massive amps (sticking to max 90 or 100 batt) which in addition to the heat sinks should help with cooling quite a bit I hope.

I’ll need to route the front motor wires through pack so they will be long and I know that’s not best for cooling so thats my biggest concern atm but at this point I’m just gunna test it and see what happens. I always wanted to try 4WD haha.

This big ol’ heavy boi is about to get even heavier.

pics of my quick vinyl work and initial 2WD assembly:


Rad build dude!


Thanks credit should really go to @Skyart at this point but I’m hyped to get this thing going with 4wheel!

It’s the most stable board I’ve been on. Absolutely huge and comfy did 30 miles yesterday just had to stop like 4 times to let the focboxs cool, hoping all my plans address that.

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red is faster


Red + carbon = 50% top speed increase its proven.


@Skyart How is it that you guys murdered this deck even with that 1/2” thick gasket?

Nice board btw :ok_hand:t3:


He used long ass screws haha. I put some fancy gold fender washers on them to pull emm out a little. I thought about trying to flatten it but fuck it.


Haha. I mean. It not like I haven’t done the same thing myself but damn hahah.
Looks clean thou.
I’m jelly of that range you must be getting even with chubby wheels


I just gotta figure out this thermal issue man, I wanted to keep blasting around but it literally slowed me to a crawl.

4wd and appropriate heat sinks should hopefully net me like 20 miles + without thermal throttling

also idk about you or anyone else but these FB320’s are the fuggin truth. I always thought my MBS’s were the most stable trucks but with slighly extra width this confirms it. More stable than hypers imo. Could be the extra deck length to be fair.


Haha. Well. First thing is first.
You need some nice heat sinks in there through the enclosure would be even better

Secondly yes. 4wd will do you just right.
I was able to run 18 miles before heat ruined my ride “good thing imo as my legs were about to overheat too”
4wd on that thing would be crazy!! You make me wanna do that too haha


I’m pretty sore from yesterday haven’t been riding everyday like I used to. This board is about to change that tho. riding around the city with zero range anxiety was awesome. Need to adjust that footstop or something made my front foot sore. I think it’s from my shoes not having soles that tall tho.

Plan is to put those heat sinks in the enclosure and if thats not enough I will mount them outside of it for active cooling.


General question - I got the most thermal throttling after breaking, this kinda makes sense to me but wanted to confirm thats normal?

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That confirms that you’re a fatass lol

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I’m only 180 I swear (its a compact 180 albeit)

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Yeah. 180 Plus gear and 3 boosted extended range batteries in your backpack plus the board itself weighs 55lbs That’s a lot of weight for those poor vescs

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Awesome build love the red and black :call_me_hand:


Thanks man! thing is huge so I’m getting used to all the extra space but so far I love it.


This thing is huge, got the display area all cleaned up for it.


How do you like the flex compared to prototipo?


didn’t realize how much the proto flexs till I rode this thing. I’m a fan a little stiff but I got used to it quick so I think I’ll grow to like it alot. With the 200x75 it literally looks like i’m standing on a go kart. Turning it is more effort but rewarding due to the amount of stability.