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Hi Kids,

Rather than my various build threads I’m going to roll up all my updates/tinkering in this thread. Think of it as a more in-depth version of my Project IG - “BrentlyBuilds”. I like looking back on what I’ve done to help me decide on what to do next so apologies if these feel spamy but should lead to way less threads from my end. My collection is ever changing so its not like any of them are “final” anyway.

All boards I’ve ever built/modded with a thread currently (tried to do these in chronological order):

All Old Build Threads

Valkyrie - She's "Done" Meet Val - ESK8 Builds - Electric Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own E-board

Lacroix(s) (Nimbus & Hyper Proto) -

Red Oni -

Pocket Rocket -

Spare Parts Peralta -

Binding Bomber -

The Outlaw Star -

DemonSpeed -

Current stable (I’ll try and keep this updated):

DemonSpeed (WIP)

Deck - 44’’ Rayne Demonseed
Enclosure -
Trucks -
Wheels -
Tires -
Gear Ratio -
Batt -
Motors -

Red Oni (WIP)

Deck - Powell Peralta K.Reims Samurai
Enclosure -
Trucks -
Wheels -
Tires -
Gear Ratio -
Batt -
Motors -

Air Proto

Deck - Lacroix Prototipo
Enclosure - Proto Enclosure
Trucks - Apex Airs
Wheels - Trampa phatladz
Tires - 155 metros
Gear Ratio - 3DS eco drive 10:42
Batt - 12s6p 30Q
ESC - Unity
Motors - TB 6380 170kv

Hyper Predator

Deck - Haero Bro Apex Predator
Enclosure - Eboosted DS
Trucks - Hypertrucks
Wheels - MBS rockstar 2’s
Tires - 8” shit slingers
Gear Ratio - 14M/72W
Batt - 20s4p p42a
ESC - :eyes:
Motors - Dual Freerchobby 63100 140kv


Sad day packing up the fluxy one day 4wd will be in my life again

Also some progress pics of the recent update to the K.Reims, with the new AT set up a bigger bat is in short order


Every time I read

I can feel my welder getting warm


you should!!!

plan is to move that 12s3p 30Q to the pocket rocket

a DS 21700 for the proto

and a 21700 for the peralta too


This is great news for the east coast cell GB

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Good ride today

Tonight’s plans:


This is fun Dude.
You seem to have a problem, and your may be obsessed…

Is there any of these that has stood out as your favorite?


ftfy, :sweat_smile: I go deep on hobbies esp mechanical shit.

Fav is hard nowadays; I really do love my k.reims but protos are hard to beat too, I have a feeling my demonseed is going to be a fav too

Sad news I don’t think this enclosure is working out … shocker but I tried


I see you painted them hubs white? :eyes::eyes: looking good.

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Naw I just had white ones on my flux and I wanted to keep them, guy I sold it too said it was cool to ship the flux with my black phat ladz

White is fo sho the way to go, trying to give off OZ racing wheel rally car vibes


Trying to decide if I can live with this gasket or not. 18s is calling me tho…


Woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep so decided it was time to bite the bullet and finish putting together my first 18s build.

Overall I’m happy need to redo the front part of the gasket a bit but it doesn’t look as bad as it could have in my head.


Ride today after work?

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if its not wet yep :+1:


I wana see what kind of range I get with this thing - any bets? I’m ballparking 30ish


Hey dudes.

In one of my more recent gasket adventures I got this foam strip from Ace. And it expands from .25 to 1 inch.
It has more open bubbles than the harder foam tapes.

But I had to navigate pretty different height so it worked well for me.

Can’t find the ace item. But I think it is like this.


Absolutely over 30 miles


good deal man - I went with a 1/4’’ rubber strip and then some automotive weather stripping I got from autozone. I like how well yours molds to shape tho. I’ll probably go with something like that if I need do this again, or if I end up redoing this one.

When I DS my proto I’ll prob use rubber since that just needs to pretty much be a pure spacer and not conform too much compared to this guy.


nice, it’d be cool to have a 40 mile board again

Are those 190kv motors? On 18s? :exploding_head: let me know how it goes bro…I havnt tried that yet. 190kv motors usualy not recommended over 12s,14s

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