The Challenger || Avio MK2 Gear Drive || FocBox Unity || Kahua & Bergmeisters || 2x 6374, 190KV || 12s4p 30Q ||

Introducing The Challenger

The build thread for my 12th personal Esk8 build!

For those of you who haven’t figured it out, yes i love DODGE cars.

Part List

Component Description
Deck Switchblade Clone (Repainted)
Enclosure “Modded” Eboosted 12S Universal
Battery 12S4P Samsung 30Q
ESC FocBox Unity
TX/RX Avio Mini Remote Mod
Trucks Kahua Hangers
Wheels Bergmeister Wheels
Motors 2x Flipsky 6374 190KV
Drive System Avio AT Gear Drive


So, this deck was from China, and cost roughly 40USD with shipping. It’s basically a Landyatchz Switchblade 40" Clone. Has an amazing concave, well placed foot wells and a subtle drop.

The graphics were really horrible, so i decided to get rid of it and go for a white/black theme for this build. First, removing the existing graphic with paint remover.

Priming it…

Painting it white. (I used 2 cans of white paint and an entire can of 2K clear coat on this deck. The paint used cost more than the deck itself.


Now comes the enclosure. I’ve been an avid fan of @Eboosted’s enclosures, and just had to use his enclosure for this build. As far as i know, there isn’t an enclosure option specifically built for the switchblade that can hold a 12S4P, so I decide to get Alan’s 12S universal enclosure to mold around the deck.

Needless to sad, some modifications had to be done, with @Linny’s help

Sanding off the existing paint job. Sorry Alan! your paint work is amazing, but this had to be done (:

After hours of sanding and filling…

Bedliner spray, because it honestly looks f*** amazing.

I mean c’mon, look at the texture!

Ok, deck and enclosure complete, now to fit the electronics and the drive system.


12S4P 30Qs for the battery, nothing much to be said here honestly. The FocBox Unity simply makes everything too easy. Again, great job @Deodand

Electronics in the enclosure! So satisfying!

Riser Extension

I realized that I’d get wheel bite using such huge wheels on the deck and had to push the wheels out slightly. Solution - Riser extensions!

Printed out the riser and pasted it onto some old scrap AL6061 I had lying around.

Cut-out with an angle grinder.

Drilled the appropriate holes.

Gave it a nice chamfer…


Trucks are extended outwards by 4cm, which gives me more than enough clearance!

Avio AT Drive

Onto the last and most exciting part, the drive!

This build was built with the sole purpose of testing out the Avio AT Drive! For those of you who don’t know what it is, check it out!

Got the parts manufactured from AL7075-T6 and finished with a black hard anodize.

Set the drive train up with @riverside.rider’s Kahua Trucks!

Made another set for the local esk8 crew to test!

Finished with Black Bermeister Wheels!


Specs Description
Weight 11.4kg (Tested)
Top Speed >55kmh (Tested)
Max Incline >31.5% (I don’t have anything steeper to test it on)
Range 40-45km (Tested)

Esk8 Porn



That’s all folks!

Update Dec 19’:

Installed the MK2 Avio Herringbone Gear Drive.


Good work on the paint.

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That is a sexy build amigo👌

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Nice job on the enclosure looks factory made… what bms are you using?

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Amazing job. I’m in the ok process of designing an enclosure for the switchblade, you will love it and might want to exchange it at a latter time


Nice build! At some point I want a pneumatic setup too.
Do you have a link to that Deck?

Haha let me know how it turns out! Can’t wait.

Unfortunately, no. A friend helped me get this directlt from a factory in China.

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Jeff this is absolutely mint :herb::herb::herb:

Next build still debating a switchblade or Evo!

The enclosure looks extremely professional and that AT drive, mmm :yum:

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Thanks for your compliments!

I love my ‘switchblade’, quotation marks cause it’s not an original switchblade. I say go for the switchblade when @eBoosted makes his switchblade enclosure (: i’m sure it’s gonna be sick.

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Nice build dude! Everything looks like youve done a super clean job, great attention to detail :ok_hand:

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So… this build has been my workhorse for 2019 and needed a well deserved upgrade to push it to 2020!. Herringbone gears sure make the cut.





I had missed this build, looks sick :+1:, the wheels just fit in perfectly

Please do a video comparing the straight with herringbone


I think that has already been done! haha. I changed the mk1 to herringbone gears too, the mk2 is just a much smaller, lighter and cleaner version of the mk1. (:

In case you missed it:


Thanks, I missed that too, I think

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It’s heaps quieter. Literally night and day. Almost all the sound you can hear from the drive are from your motors and not the drive train.


Oh sick! I forgot about seeing this build! Mine is planned to be so similar, gonna be great. Do you feel that the risers are a must?

incredible!!! so stealth!

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With the new drive… not really… I have ample clearance with this drive now.
Would love to see your new build :D! don’t forget to vote this for the best 2019 build too :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe.


Nice snaps! Did you use lights?