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Spare Parts Peralta - Bodega Board

I was pushing this deck to work when the road was too wet for and electric one, but I always wanted to electrify it. I happened to have enough spare parts around to make that happen at little to no cost (besides the cost of not reselling used parts, I hooooaaardd)…

Deck: Powell Peralta Old School Ripper
Battery: Sony VTC6 10s2p
ESC: makerx mini vesc6
Antispark: loop key
Motor: maytech 6355 170kv (unsensored for now)
Gears: 14M / 36W
Wheels: OG red 100mm boas
Mount: boardnamics
Trucks: Caliber II 50’s (stock bushings for now)
Remote: maytech r2 for now (need another nano receiver)
Enclosure: TBD

Fits in nicely


Reserved for better pics when complete


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This is awesome. :smiley:

How are the brakes? I’ve found that single 6355 builds are weak in the braking department but otherwise totally doable


Thanks! Honestly haven’t done any real world tests on this one yet, just rolling around the apartment. I’ll get some in the second I get an enclosure. I have a unity with a fried anti spark chip, and another maytech 6355 that I could use and go dual rear if I need the extra stopping power.

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14 M

I know… math is hard

fucin duh jesus christ i do apologise :joy: twas a long day yesterday


When you don’t wana spend money on an enclosure…

Gunna make sure this will all fit then I’ll probably wrap in something like black or carbon.


Did someone say four screw, easily swappable, relatively waterproof esk8 enclosure? Did I make the mellow belt drive? Maybe?

Just need to add a charge port and probably a % readout


So much awesome.

Maybe put a motor mount on the other side (without a motor) just in case you need to use the tail :laughing:

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Build is great (planning a fat Peralta build soon) but hollee sheet I’m seeing too many people with these torqueboard ass Velcro straps lmao. It’s DIY forum. Buy some nylon webbing (milspec goat), some Velcro, triglides/parachute buckles and the steal ur mum’s sewing musheen and make yer own straps


I really tried to make it work with the mount inside, but they’re too long and hit the box. I did manage to mount it pretty close to the angle of the tail so I’ve been able to use the kick tail without issue yet. I’m gunna try it like this for a bit, but I was debating making the wheel base longer :thinking:


When I have them laying around from a kit I’m gonna use them. But thanks man I think I’ll like this one a lot.

I’d just reinforce the mount and put same one on other side so you could grind on them if you needed to :laughing:

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Yes i have one too I should do it. If I get a 6374 or something like that I could probably make it dual rear single motor.

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Added the charge port and took her out for her maiden voyage. I def need to get used to short boards and I am for sure keeping this board under powered and slow haha.


Keep riding it, it will become your favorite after time :smirk:


It is a lot of fun don’t get me wrong :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yeah so my rinky dink screws holding the Velcro straps wasn’t robust enough so I needed a more reliable battery holding method. Had these cleat things from an diy enclosure and reused them. Add padding everywhere and voila rumble ready battery.

Threw some 90mm’s on there for thee torques

Rides great still, just a lil more sketchy, I’ll prob try 107’s on it next week


I could get on board with this

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