So.... Endless ride, how we doing?

I don’t suppose any of you smart folks have taken some time out of your lives to look into this for us?

I know it get’s brought up from time to time but nothing really happens. Can we pretty please get some endless ride goodness?

Thanks x


Just for clarification, we’re not talking about installing accelerometers, pressure pads, getting rid of remotes, doing onboard backflips or installing warp drives. A separate thread (any of the endless ride threads in fact) tackle (degenerate) into complex and unnecessary mechanical debate about things that are not involved in endless ride. Bump one of those if you feel your board should have a “follow me” function or you want three middle toe taps for go, 7 pinky toe taps for 23mph or are looking to install a shopping basket behind your 900 cell enclosure and electronics department store.

If I sound bitter, it’s because I am.


There was a discussion on it but dont think there was a working prototype. I wanted to do it for stealth reasons but ended up going with a small remote

I specifically didn’t bump that haha, people start going into pressure pads and accelerometers and getting rid of remotes. All of that is over the top imo. Let’s assume stealth is not the objective because that’s how mellow use it.

Push board - it when it notices you’re slowing slightly (peak speed reached from push) it holds the speed for a min - starts ramping speed down slowly - waits for another push - remote still acts as a brake.

I don’t know how to deal with steep declines and continued acceleration or any of that but as long as you have a remote in your hand and the ability to brake I don’t think it all matters.



The mellow has a limit of 25 km/h when in endless mode, so it can’t go faster than that even on a steep incline


Sounds good to me.

I get that everyone wants to go super fast and tell all their friends that they live for maximum powwa and speed, so this mode just wouldn’t be for them. If you want to cruise down the beach promenade with a sangria in one hand with some boardshorts on this is the way to go.


This exactly. Every time I bring up a lazy fucking board I can push with an assist and only have a remote for cruise control/braking it turns into a 4 wheeled onewheel.

Thank you for being reasonable.


I want this mode on something like a small cruiser deck. Like a LY dinghy

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Just to have a reference of the past discussions:

I believe @Wajdi implemented Endless Mode in this Proton Control Panel. I have it , but never put it on.

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I love my dinghy.

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I’ve found something similar enough to endless mode with the VX-1 remote… or really anything with cruise control…

Just setting the minimum amount of throttle to cruise, enough where the board inches forward on its own very slowly when you’re not standing on it… I find when I push like this it feels like a regular longboard almost, coasts for about 3-5x further than a longboard, and slowly slows down to nothing at the same time… works great with direct drives and it’s a ton of fun. No need to touch the remote unless you need to brake for whatever reason.


Cruise control on VX1 is underrated, seems to have a signal smoothing when the cruise control is disabled so you don’t get thrown.


Simplest way is to have something like an arduino Nano plugged in uart read erpm, emulate throttle slowly ramping down.
Or write the same directly into vesc FW.
Another example, using the motor as self encoder but with a bypass for the brake by remote.
Or as pointed out with the vx1, have a built in ramp down cruise control at remote level, no modifications to ESC itself.

Just few ideas. Don’t count me in for coding this tho :sheep: but yea Endless mode sounds cool AF

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I copy pasted this from that other thread about endless mode.

— begin copy/paste

I modified the FireFly Nano software to include an “endless” mode. Here is how that works:

  1. Enable it through the menu on the remote.
  2. Push 13 km/h+ for 2 seconds
  3. The board goes into cruise control. This means that the speed will be kept at which yoh were after pushing faster than 13 km/h for 2 seconds. E.g. the hardest you can push is your max cruise speed.
  4. The board will cruise for 20 seconds
  5. The board will go into “coasting” mode, waiting to slow down till the speed is lower than 13 km/h.
  6. You can push to activate cruise again, step 1.

While this is activated you still use your remote, telemetry and the current state “cruise”, “pushing”, “coasting” is visible. But, you can’t push thw throttle. When you brake the board disables cruise immediatly and goes into coasting and brakes as hard as you push the brakes.

Speeds and times can be adjusted ofcourse, stoppihg because of a “current spike” activated by a foot on the ground is also possible.

— end copy/paste, begin of what I just added

This way the remote must always be connected and is the master override to be able to brake. This works using ADC + UART or UART only.

To get something like mellow I think you’d need to make a custom app config, BUT I have a different idea that might work but I am kinda frightened to try out:

So now when a speed is reached cruise turns on and after some time it turns off again. What if I were to modulate the cruise channel on the vesc instead of hard on / off. (Am I doing PWM here? I think so.) I am scared to try this out because I don’t want to fry my og focbox and don’t know what cruise control modulation (essentially PID speed control turning on and off a lot) will do.

So if the cruise control turns off and on again multiple times a second, it will probably slow down because it is not constantly on. My hope here is that you will also be able to push some more to bring the speed up again. I also wouldn’t know if the on/off modulation of cruise control will be noticeable while riding.


Well this is positive progression. I didn’t know you’d done all of this.

If I send you a shitty 4.12 esc will you give it a stab?


Yea I would, why not? The modulating Code would be pretty easy to implement. I will take a look at how to do this tomorrow (1:30 am here) but it’s probably as easy as digitalwrite high/low very frequently on the pin that adc uses for cc.

I am not even scared for my own safety because the first tests I do are on the bench, trying to keep my wheel going 1-2 kmh+ with my finger lol


Shoot me a PM with your address when you’re ready to go and lets try it out :+1: 00:41 here too haha, going to bed

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Will do! Night :zzz:

Edit: you EU btw? Nvm, I’m stupid, your time means you’re somewhat close.


really interesting that no one has perfected it like mellow did.

Do you own a mellow board?

nope, but i’ve ridden one.