Rusins' 1st Mountainboard | Trampa Holypro | Jump drives | 12s8p

I must admit that I am nowhere near as knowledgeable about mountain boards as I am about street builds. If no one helps me, I guess I’ll have to do my own research, but maybe someone would be more than happy to recommend me parts, so here goes :upside_down_face:

I want to shred trails in the woods. Lots of roots and branches. Paths aren’t wide. Doing jumps would be awesome. Torque matters more than speed.

Bonus: would be nice to have a board for snowy days, but I guess that won’t be great with 2WD.


  • Trampa style deck – not flat, but an arch to go over stuff.
  • Battery in my back pack (not on the board), and only 2WD. Want the board to be as light as possible for jumps!
  • Bindings that let me jump with confidence!
  • Build the board over winter, make use of black friday deals :wink:


  • Trucks: I have a set of Moon’s drives that I’m not using (no mounts). They only work with MBS Matrix 2 and Trampa Infinity trucks. I think I’d prefer springs over urethane, so leaning towards the Trampa. I noticed they have a mini infinity truck! :open_mouth: Wheel-bite isn’t a thing on mountainboards, right? Should I get those then? Or do they not even clear the deck? :laughing: (Can’t find how wide they are to check for motor compatibility)

  • Deck: Trampa 35 degree Holypro (Unless anyone has better suggestions. 35 angles for the trucks, and it has the arch shape. What other options even are there? Probably not going to import a Kaly deck :laughing: )

  • ESC: Stormcore 60D probably

  • Remote: Flipsky VX1

  • Battery: NESE modules with 30Qs. Probably 12s6p.

  • Motors: I’m thinking latest Maytech 6374 from nexusboards. Battle hardened, sealed against pebbles, 170kv (might need to source lower KV ones, but surely with a 4.9 gear ratio and a stormcore pushing big amps, they should be powerful enough, no?)

  • Bindings: People have said good things about MBS F5 bindings. Those + heelstraps, I guess?

  • Wheels: I have a set of Bergmeisters. Could I just reuse their hubs, but put on some 8" tires? Do I even need 8" ?

    Based on this topic:
    Economical 8" Tyres Discussion

    I think I’ll go with Trampa treads.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions! :slight_smile:


One question I have is if it would be wise to use a gear drive on a mountainboard. Won’t me jumping break the gears? :confused:

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No you’ll need MBS rockstars or something like that

The Bergmeisters are 6" only and fit only the chinese 6x2 or the tyres supplied.


MBS F5 are great comfortable bindings I’ve heard. Defintiley get heel straps for jumping.

Honestly if you have the Moon drives, Run the Matrix 2’s unless you really want springs. Nice channel trucks imo. If you do go Trampa, don’t get the mini’s. Might have wheelbite on certain decks, and some width helps on rocky terrain I found.

The deck is all preference. You don’t need a arched deck for mountainboarding, and really it should mostly flatten out with your weight on the board. MBS has some great cheaper options but I myself like my Trampa.


Also: I’d prefer having the ESC on the board in a case, but not the battery. But long battery wires = bad; long phase wires = good I’ve heard. Maybe creative use of capacitors could offset that?

I guess I’ll go with RockStar Pro hubs then, just to avoid using plastic. Probably nothing else even comes close to their price, right?

plastic hubs are prob better tbh

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Stronger? Or some other reason?

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bearings will be easier to insert/remove
strong enough - someone show me a pic of a broken rockstar hub


I had that idea when I started making my first board. And then we even tried that idea on my friends ebike.
Not so good idea. It might make the board easier for you to jump, but then when you loose balance slightly you are more fucked when the battery starts flopping around.

When we put the battery inside the frame the bike got so much more stable in the corners. Idk how well that would translate to esk8, but I guess the same since the battery would not be tugging on you.

Also riding with a backback = sweaty back which sucks.


I have so many backpacks at home I think I’ll be able to find one that minimizes the battery from moving. But thanks for the feedback! No money wasted if I change my mind later :upside_down_face:


I have MBS F5s which I don’t use anymore. If it weren’t for covid and cold spring season, it could be a reason for us to link up. I’d finally have somebody to go on a group ride :joy:

I can send them if you want, you pay shipping

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Who knows, maybe we’ll have a vaccine ready before my last parts arrive :laughing:
But cool, I’ll buy yours off you then :slight_smile: I’ll PM you when the time comes.


MBS f5 are really hard to find too.

Also dont bother with the mini hangers from Trampa. They wont work for the drives


What happens if you fall, say 10 meters or so away from your board, and the battery is in the back pack?

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@malJohann solved that issue in his battery in a back-pack build:

But as for me: well, I’m using bindings, so it’s nearly impossible for the backpack to get away from the board :smile:


I have no experience of having the battery in the back pack kind of thing, so I can’t really tell whether it is more dangerous or not than having it on the board. My guess would be, yes, it is, especially when you wanna jump too; @rich can tell for sure.

Only thing I know is that I fell on (almost) every ride when I started with my E-MTB. However, that’s how I started esk8 any way.


Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I’ll go with NESE. Should protect the battery somewhat. Also easy to repair if something does happen.

> Inb4 starts another round of California scale wildfires

You’ll also struggle to find bearings that would work with bergs and fit any mountainboard trucks.

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MBS bindings are great if you can find them
AND they are in stock if you are state side:

Shameless plug MBS Bindings first impression.. for those who really want to be one with their board

Re Trucks I would recommended MBS for stablity. Springs are more “lively” but that comes paired with instablity. I did do a build on mini vertigo, its fun to run around urban street but def not for serious offroading. More shameless plug, mini vertigo build:

Re Deck Trampa deck hurts my feet… Haero would IMHO be the top of the pick. Kaly has a nice deck too, or get some wings to help build some concave on the trampa deck. Last plug I promise: BIG FOOT🦶 HAERO