Haero deck

Mbs trucks
Moon gear drives (44/10T)
Torque board motors (170KV)
Trampa 9 inch mud pluggers
Trampa vesc 6s
Etoxx Vesc Box <3 <3
12s high discharge (45c) 9000 mah lipos

From today’s quick test ride (I am recovering from surgery and boston is cold so nothing crazy)

Rides like a limo
Still carves like a champ
Weights a ton and my batteries hate me :sob:

VESC HW6 > 4. Its just smoother… no comparision. Still some weirdness with FW on the MKIII, gonna poke frank to make sure I’m not doing anything stupid.

Swapped to Torqueboard motors. If you are using the 9T motor spurs, torqueboard motors are great, 2 flatspots + Keyway which also acts as a flatspot is amazing

DaveG claims 12mile range :stuck_out_tongue: also need new lipos… these aren’t going to 100% anymore


Are you planning on getting a Davega? Or do you not care about reading speed / battery? Assuming you commute in the city you probably should!

I really like the black build aesthetic you have :slight_smile: Odd question, but what makes this build heavy? From looks I would imagine Trampa decks being lighter than a regular street deck, and you’ve got lipos instead of li-ions…

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So you get what, 4-5 miles out of a charge? lol


I won’t be surprised lol I was getting 10 miles when I was running belts and 8 inch mbs rockstar ii. MOOOR batteries might be the next thing


I do have a Davega, need to calibrate. Context this isn’t a brand new build, this is more of an upgrade. I went from MBS rockstar 2, beltdrive, Unity and a lighter vesc box to what it is now. the board gained ALOT of weight. MBS did a really good job weight wise with the wheels and tires. So perhaps weighting a TON is more of a relative term. Still lighter then my kaly :slight_smile:


First pic looks really good. Can u share some more pictures of ur board?




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Tell us about the torque, speed & any cogging with 9” tyres, 4.x:1 ratio and 190kv, iirc haggy motors are 6374 probably


Jens did a good job! :wink:

With the esc case? :sweat_smile::joy: think that’s the only jenso part on that board, no?

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SKF did a great job with those bearings :joy:


its a very pretty case!

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I haven’t done anything crazy with the board. Again I am recovering from surgery :slight_smile:
For reference I am 75 kg.
Board gone up inclines around 20 degrees.
Have not floored the remote or gotten anywhere close to flooring the remote.

That being said,
Zero cogging.
Start is smooth.
Acceleration is smooth.

I attribute this mostly to Vesc 6 and Lipo cells.


Nice, I am the same weight and planning on using 6384s 190kv with 9”, escapes, 5:1 3DServisas drive gear & a 12s4p Molicel 21700, these should pump enough amps I hope, something like 140A peak delivery.

super build thanks for the share


Did you have to any use spacers to fit the trampa hubs on the matrix II trucks?

Are you turning on the board by directly plugging in the batteries. Have you happen to try the MKIII with switch or roll to start?

I am using a switch. Theres some funkiness with it that I am trying to work through with frank. It turns on and off but also roll to start… Was hoping it would just be one mode

I have my concerns with the switch option. Hopefully you get that sorted out