Push fit pulley options - a guide

Push it in

I wanted to put together a quick guide for where to get some push fit pulleys that I have here and have used, mostly from our community vendors but it should be mentioned that many of the commercial brands have their own versions which may or may not be useful to us. Buy from our dudes though :wink:

This is going to be focused around the ones I have and my experiences with them, that way I’m not pulling info out of thin air and misrepresenting anyone. Vendors, I welcome you to come on and correct anything I have written or that has changed since my versions were bought.

In no particular order:

@BuildKitBoards BKB Modular pulley https://buildkitboards.com/collections/pulleys/products/modular-pulley-set

32t - 44t and modular. I found that the pin shape is absolutely amazing in a genuine abec core. I have not tested this one with a clone core. The Kegel core likewise fits gloriously with no play.

@dickyho Dicky Kegel pulleys https://www.ebay.com/itm/DIY-eletric-skateboard-longboard-5M-36T-40T-44T-pulley-for-for-kegel-wheels/303177972063?hash=item4696d0b95f:m:mtksP96DjF4r2adCbTSiSKA&var=602141977991

36t - 44t and modular (can be converted into a bolt through if you want that).

There is some slight play in the pins for this pulley, I solved this by wrapping them tape/heatshrink - would recommend this to retain the integrity of your core. With that said, the price is amazing.

@3DServisas Fatboy pulley https://shop.3dservisas.eu/collections/fatboy-pulleys

36t - 44t Kegel and Abec. The daddy of push fits in my opinion. The machining is excellent, the fit is incredibly snug and the price makes baby Jesus cry. If you’re looking for no compromise it’s this or the BKB pulley.

@EboardSolutions Pulleys https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/pulleys-belts-mounts

36t Kegel, 36t - 40t Abec. You will see from my pulley that mine came from the first batch, these were not perfect but have been more than usable. Since this version the pins on Abec core have been improved greatly and the width of the pulley supports 15mm belts now. Very good option all round and delivery is super fast from this store.

@haggyboard.timo Haggy glass fiber & nylon pulleys https://haggyboard.com/products/36t-abec-11-flywheel-compatible-street-drive-gear-belt-combo-kit

36t only - kegel and abec. These are super inexpensive, fit really well into all wheels and Timo will have them in a box before you even finish clicking the pay button. If you want to dip your feet into the push fit pulley market this is the way to do it.

@moon Moonberg’s pulley.

This was a really tiny production run, I think there’s four total out there. I have spoken to captain moon a second ago and he’s happy to make more. Price to be announced. There’s also a Venom Mach 1 adapter about to become available too.

These fit great, stems might need shimming with tape if your core is tired. Price will likely reflect that however knowing moonface.

There are many more! Let’s get some community knowledge together and put the bolts away.


Are you just using these on 10 mm axles or have you figured out a way to get them on 8mm?

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Good point. No, I have them on 10mm at present but I do remember reading somewhere that 8mm was doable. @haggyboard.timo Timo could you let us know if you found a way?


It would be great to know how much axle length each pulley needs to accommodate its bearing


Healthy discussion here for all of that. My experience with them is all on SR shoulder bolts and so it’s never been a concern for me personally. As such I couldn’t even tell you.


Ive used many of @BuildKitBoards modular pulleys, both ABEC and Kegel core with 32, 36, 40 & 42 tooth pulleys. I’ve never had an issue even after treating them like absolute crap :slight_smile:. He has a new 1 piece coming out (hope it’s OK to talk about that) that is less expensive.


by the way, all my ABEC pulleys can support both bolt on or press fit.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sweet. Thanks for sharing Dicky.

What about 3d printed

What is your question tiny friend?


What is the best way to lock on and fit 3d printed ones from thingyverse

Also what about a link to the best ones on there

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I have no experience personally with 3d printed pulleys. It’s not something I would use. I fear the molded ones enough as it is.


I used mine with these guide pins, works like a charm, but you definitely need a support bearing


3d printed pulleys are fine if you print them correctly.

As a guide I do 6 walls (yes 6!) As that is where a lot of the strength on the part comes from. Minimum of 60% infill and only use Nylon personally although other filaments that would be suitable are polycarbonate and PET. ABS works too but fuck ABS.

I print my pulleys 100% infill Nylon


Got some more info on the haggy pulleys.

They’re listed as nylon glass fiber composite pulleys, so they should be far more durable than abs (haven’t tested yet).
The abec pulleys only work with genuine abec cores.

And I just tested them with my Tb 218’s, the pulley is too long to sit with a bearing on the axle. The length of the pulley+wheel is pretty much exactly the length of the extended axle on TB218’s. So the haggy pulleys will only work with surfrods kahua or boardnamics new cnc caliber hangers.


Thanks for sharing!

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I have been using BKB modular pulleys on Caliber IIs and genuine ABECs for a few thousand kilometers now.

No problem whatsoever with fitting.
No adjustments needed.
No wobbling. This is a big problem with bolt ons.
Basically plug and play.
Works great.

But the best thing is, no ugly retainer ring.


@Brenternet great write up Brent…just a quick correction: our 60T and 36T press fit pulleys are made of a glass fiber & nylon compound and not ABS


@stratoglide has mentioned this, thank you for confirming. I’ll update the thread now.

While we have you here… any chance of a redesign that lets us use these more oem on standard axles and or a 48/40/42/44 option? I appreciate you’re concerned about your own drivetrain, wheel size and conformity where expensive molds are concerned but it’s worth asking :man_shrugging:


“All” they would need is another bearing seat that’s recessed further down. Where the standard bearing sits clears caliber trucks no problem. If the other bearing could sit on the inside of the teeth it’d fit no problem.

But ofc this is much easier said than done.

If you could find a bearing that sits nicely further inside of the pulley I’m sure you could get away with some green loctite