Portable mini cruiser | Landyachtz dinghy | meepo hub motors | meepo esc

Chugged out another build during this winter season! :slight_smile:

I finished my marathon falcon build earlier this month and loved it!

I did notice the clear size and weight increase compared to my previous build. Since my original built was a “medium/heavy” build, I wanted to build a smaller lighter board for those times where I need to ride to transit without lugging around the big board. And I am most likely selling my original build (meepo board with deck swap and battery swap)

I choose the landyachtz Revival Schooner deck which is 2" larger than the standard dinghy at a total of 30.75" in length. I liked the nice + simple graphic with natural wood.

Drive and esc:
@JoeyZ5 hooked me up with a set of meepo v2 drives and esc kit. Barley used and in great condition Thanks!

I used the same cheapo 10s3p 7ah aliexpress battery pack I used for my lone wolf build. I wanted something small but with good usable range.

I decided to 3D print my own enclosure because I am able to get the entire thing in printed in 1 piece (12" max length). Nothing fancy. I wanted to keep it simple and slim. There is only one hole for the charge port as the esc has push-to-start and auto turn off after 5 mins. I printed with PETG with 7 walls and 100% infill. It should hold up fine considering I’m not going to be doing anything intense with it.

The actual build took only ~2hrs due to the plug + play nature of the esc and drive kit.

All the parts laid out:

Everything fit in the enclosure perfect and snug the 1st print! :slight_smile:

I drilled enclosure holes into the deck:

Cut a piece of foam gasket:

Soldered and installed a flush charge port:

And bolted everything on!

There is lots of clearance due to how thin I was able to make the enclosure. I didn’t even need to install any risers on the trucks to keep is as low as possible.

I took it for a ride the next day because it was sunny, and I really like it! I got a 36km/h top speed and a 20km range going an average speed of 25km/h! I should be able to eek out 22-23km in a real world ride that’s not chugging hard with a 25kmh avg speed.

Cost breakdown:
landyachtz dinghy deck: $32
meepo esc + remote + drive kit: $92 shipped
battery: $80 shipped
enclosure: $15 worth of filament material
Total: $219 usd

Overall I am very happy with the build. The range also exceeded my expectations! Small, simple, portable, and cute. I expect almost zero maintenance ever for this build. Only time will tell how much i’d be using this board compared to my big one though.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Glad to see my parts being reused! I love the simplicity and functionality of your build! :+1:

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I think you’ll be surprised how often this becomes your go to ride. Feels so freeing to have a light setup.


I have really enjoyed my light short board build - I ate it the other day on it since I’m still not 100% used to my feet being wider than my trucks + I’m not any kind of wizard on a board. So if your not used to it my only advice is take it slow.

Just wanted to say nice tidy work man looks good. Prob rides great too.


Much inspired by this to get my ly dinghy build done. I hope to see more builds like this from people in the future. Perfect for beer runs and round-the-block rage rides. I’m going with a 9S4P single belt drive on mine with a walmart bondo fiberglass enclosure for nostalgia’s sake. 160mm caliber IIs and ahmyo akashas on a 16/32 ratio with a single 6355 and og vesc-x.


I love it. Doing a short board build also a 10s3P.
Currently have caliberII but seeing you build thinking of changing hubs this would be my first ever hub build I am not sure I want to drink that coolaid. Sometimes the simple solution is the best what hubs are best (Meepoop, Neo, hummie?) I have a raptor 2 drive train but I dont want to take that train to failtown just yet.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone :slight_smile:

Yeah definitely a different feeling of “grab-n-go” with a half shell helmet around the block.

Compared to a full 7 minute gearup with fullface, kneepads, gloves, wrist guards for a 2 hr distance ride

Updated the original post with the cost breakdown too. The reason I was able to build this for such a low cost was due to buying the drive kit + esc used on the forums. It pays to wait around for deals on parts :slight_smile:

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I choose hubs due to simplicity, weight, cost, and reliability. The only real “con” is that you feel cracks a lot more. I don’t need a lot of speed and power for this small build, so for my purposes they are perfect.

Neo and hummie hubs are more expensive because they can give much more power output and are higher quality in general. If you’re building a powerful board, definitely check them out!

You might want to look into direct drive motors too as I have with my marathon falcon build. They are great because you can use proper wheels with them and they can also take more power compared to hubs of the same caliber


I think everyone should have something like this in their esk8 garage. I will always keep something similar around, just a little shittier. Nice shortie!


Here is the STL file of the enclosure if anyone else is interested in it:

dingy enclosure.STL (178.2 KB)

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