Onewheel Build Guide [Continuation from "old" forum]

Hey, I really enjoy reading the info and improvements in the DIY Onewheel builds over at the “old” forum.
Sadly, that forum will probably stop existing since Enertion isn’t doing that well and we’ve seen the site go down multiple times now.

So for preservation of knowledge and info, I suggest to continue here.

Also for the record; I’m not building one myself, I just want all info to be accessible in the event anyone does wants to build one.

Link to thread on “old” forum


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Several DIY Onewheel builds on this forum;

------- @Narnash

------- @Jopj

------- @Bionic24


Do you guys know where can I find information on the onewheel motor wiring? I maybe get their motor on my diy, china is pretyyyy slow sending stuff because of the virus
so I might try to source locally a motor, and use with my VESC,
But I could not find much info on those motors yet…

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I’ve got a motor in front of me right now that has a bad hall sensor. I’d love to know if I can combine the pairs of phase wires to make 3 total phase wires. !
The other wires on the motor I can map out for you

You have - + hall1 hall2 hall3 temp.
Red, black. Blue, white, green, yellow.
Which is strange to me, because temp is usually white.

Apparently you can not, I think it will need two different controllers to drive the same motor…
I’m still doing some research…

Do you have a link to where this info is?


I read on this forum:

And also saw this video where a guy apparently re-winds this motor to use 6 phase instead of 3, and uses two speed controllers to run the motor.

It looks like having two phases it’s like having two motors on the same shaft, with phases offset by some degrees.

Also interesting reading:

Im honestly heavily questioning if this motor is actually a 6 phase motor. It’s only got 3 hall sensors and 3 phase wires leaving the motor that are split at the connector. Im guessing the connector isn’t rated for the amperage that a single phase wire carries, that’s why they split the phase wire…


That sound good! I don’t have a motor in hands, but bought one and will arrive on the weekend, I’m planing to get a vesc 75/300 or wait for the 100/250 and build one…

For now I’m gonna test with 12S…


I have a flipsky 6.6 I’m going to test it on 12s also. Im planning on making a mini ebike/mini chopper with this motor.

I was thinking while struggling with the Motor phases connector that the dual wire was for reliability, little chance of a disconnect.

The connector won

trying to sell it to replace it with a VESC

What’s wrong with your controller? I have repaired quite a few that had damaged connectors

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op nothing I would just like to use the hub motor. It’s worth some amount of money, quite a bit more than I care about it.

I want to make the world’s fastest V1

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Nice man, I’m trying to make a small ebike lowrider chopper thing. Using vesc6 and 12s4p. I know the voltage is a little low, gotta wait for higher voltage escs to hit the market.

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Also considering just using 2 Ego 2.5ah batteries wired in parallel to power it

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onewheel motor seems a little small for that, also why not a belt/chain drive? you have plenty of room on a bike. Then you could pick any wheel you wanted. Would be quite a bit cheaper than a OW hub motor imo.

do you already have the Ego batteries? Those are overpriced. Somewhat reliable and robust I suppose

Wheelie mode would be pretty dope on that lol

I already have the hub motor and ego batteries. Im not looking to make a regular ebike. Im looking to make a super small lowrider. I have a chain drive board and it’s loud. I want a silent setup

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Sounds super sweet! Enjoyable for all ages I’m sure.

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