Metr Pro Updates

Me and @hexakopter want to share with you some updates we are doing to Metr Pro firmware. Both Metr Pro and Metr Pro UNITY firmware is now available with the same feature set. To fully utilise new functionality please make sure you have the latest version of Metr app from the App Store or Google Play :slight_smile:

You can rename Metr Pro

The latest update brings a possibility to rename the module for real, updated name is displayed in other apps and on other devices too.

Cloud settings

The next big feature is that module settings and Modes can now be uploaded to the cloud. When Metr Pro is connected to a new device, settings and Modes will be automatically downloaded. This is huge news for our friends at Bioboards and Eskating and others who want to sell completes with Metr Pro.

They now can

  1. Change module name to Bioboard Thorium :sunglasses:
  2. Configure pulley count, wheel diameter, motor poles :white_check_mark:
  3. Setup Modes with current and speed limits :white_check_mark:
  4. Upload the configuration to the cloud :white_check_mark:
  5. When the customer gets their board, ZERO configuration is needed. Just download Metr app and connect! :crazy_face:

Firmware update notification

Metr Pro firmware updates are now more visible. You will get a yellow warning icon on the realtime screen, click on it to upgrade.

If you have any questions let us know :nerd_face:


This is awesome. Keep up the great work.

Also is it possible to use modes with the old metr on the unity?


Yes, it is possible to use modes with the old metr on the unity :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to plug mine in when I get the unity!


I have the lastest firmware and the app and this happened. There is definitely a bug. I pulled my loopkey out while my app was still on. Could that have caused it?


Could be that VESC sent some garbage data while dying. Nice find, I will test that :+1:


i actually had this issue yesterday as well. Im running latest firmware/app with old Metr Pro on Unity.

Powered up and noticed that i was not receiving a battery voltage and that all speed/distance measurements were a few orders of magnitude to large.

I force closed the app, no help. then power cycled my board, no help. then restarted my phone. no help. my guess is that bad data was going from either the unity or metr module.

In the end i turned off my board, left for 10 mins, rebooted my phone. Then when i started everything back up it was working again.

Did the ‘bad data’ alter your lifetime stats that the METR saves? When I get mine I look forward to having those numbers, and want them to be as accurate as possible

Nice update guys. I am glad I got a metr.

I am sure you receive feature suggestions all the time, but would it be possible to eventually add the PPM signal to the telemetry graphs?

Would be good for troubleshooting board issues, like when a cutout happens, we would know if it was a remote disconnection (PPM signal would likely go to 0% on the graph) or if it was some other failure, where PPM signal was still being sent.


Awesome job. Just got my second metr and I could not be any happier. Thanks for bringing a great product.

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Did I brick my module? After the latest firmware update the blue light just flashes very rapidly. Not a steady blue light like before. I did not disconnect or interrupt the firmware updating process. Also after my ESC to dual focbox 4.12 I cannot change modes anymore. It says that the firmware is too old and therefore cannot update. I use the ackmaniac ESC tool and I have 3.1 firmware on the escs.

The problem with mode switching is on both my modules, one with the latest fw update, one without. @rpasichnyk

Please send logs from the app (Settings - Show Logs) to

Can I clear the logs and then try to connect again? The current logs are 720 PDF pages. I mean if I could clear the logs and recreate the problem.

@Yungdaff new log file is recreated every day. You can connect to Metr Pro and then collect the logs. If the text file is too big, zip it.

@rod PPM is coming :wink:



what is ppm? pulse phase modulation. Shouldn’t it be PWM? pulse width modulation?

So in the future people know if it really was the Unity messing up or just their receiver. Nice.:+1:

@mishrasubhransu PPM stands for Pulse Position Modulation. The signal directly connected to the VESC actually is a PWM signal (just using one channel of the receiver), but I think its a good idea to name it the same way like in BLDC-Tool and VESC-Tool so people are not confused with it.


My metr modul doesn‘t log distance and speed. Is there some kind of setting which I maybe unknowingly disabled?
GPS is activated and gearing ratio as well as wheel diameter I set as well to the actual values.
It’s just those parameters which missing, all other where logged.

Edit: how can it be that duty cycle is 107%?
I thought on the vesc based controller 95% is the max possible.

When you go to Settings -> Location, what are your settings there? When you want speed and distance calculated on VESC erpm instead of GPS please disable “prefer GPS”. Enable “Upload location” when you want GPS data shown on the metr website.

Not sure why you get those duty cycle values.

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Woah great job! You guys are killing it!