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Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

Depending on the BMS, that’s normal. Basically the BMS stops the charger when one of the cells reaches the set balance voltage, then the BMS drains down that cell and once it’s drained enough, the BMS lets the charging begin again.

The cycle repeats until all the cells reach the cutoff voltage, then it’s done.


it just seems to be happening somewhat violently for the charger, I checked and it is only outputting 50.1V

My charger/BMS is the same way. The charger’s fan kicks on and off, the whole nine. It’s normal.


Haha I would much rather the fan run constantly, just the lights showing the power status.

Might be an interesting mod, prob not worth the effort.

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Hey all. I am having issues connecting the Focbox UI android app to my unity. I have a metr pro unity as as my BT module.

I originally tried to set up my board with android app and got the message “Could not read firmware version. Make sure that select port really belongs to the FOCBOX”.

So, I connected via usb and updated firmware and set up my board. I then tried to to connect via bluetooth again so that I could get my battery percentage readings. I got the same message. Anyone else had this issue?

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Can’t say I’ve had that issue. But honestly the unity metr pro has never worked for me. Pretty sure that’s my fault though. There is a metr pro specific thread that might be worth checking out.

Maybe lets ask @Skyart . I sent him my Unity with metr that definitely wasn’t working for me when I sent it to him.

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I believe I have that exact unity and metr module…

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Lol. Well should work then. But yeah I had issues that never got resolved but I also didn’t try very hard. It will work but idk how to make it work… I don’t care for the metr telemetry since I get telemetry on my remote anyway.

Make sure to update both firmwares on unity and metr pro. Also make sure the metr is plugged in correctly. You can also go into those threads and ask some of the metr gurus for help

I think that might have been it. First ride after battle hardening the stator went well, most of the noise seems to have gone away. I’ll do some more testing

hm-10 will still work with latest fw if you use the stormcore app if you use a iPhone. Just doesn’t work with vesc app.

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Does going 190kv to 170kv really cut off 6ish km/h??

2x 6374 170kv
10s4p liion / 12s1p lipo
Average 16Wh/km

Don’t be lazy use the calculator.

I did, thats why i’m asking.

No one else will be able to answer the question better than the calculator unless they have that specific setup.


images (67)


Also, motor Kv could be off by 10% and frequently aren’t exact


It’s the semi-first time I’ve used the calculator since i never actually change something except now the 170kv motors

I was a bit surprised by the 6km/h reduction by the new kv value and wanted to double check that it’s somewhat accurate.

i originally wanted to keep 190kv but must’ve missed the change to 170kv on the Group buy.

Torque is a value i absolutely don’t give a shit about.

Yeah I’ll have to figure out how to update metr pro. Unity is already updated

[quote=“xsynatic, post:3225, topic:30355”]
Torque is a value i absolutely don’t give a shit about
[/quote] no hills in Germany?

No traffic signals either :laughing: