Mercedes OEM L09-1 EV Battery is pretty cool.

This good disassembly video*:

*don’t follow all the steps if you want to use it as a 12S.

Anyways I got one and I kinda want to get another to try it again without removing the Balance PCB like he does in the video.
One cool thing I thought of is because there are 3 terminals on the battery, you can have the two main battery terminals and then the BMS charge - on the 3rd terminal. Then the charger would hook up to that and the main battery pos. No drilling in a charge port!


What follows is me fixing my mistake of removing the PCB and having to find a new way fo attaching the balance leads of this Smart BMS

Decided to use the foil crimp scraps from trimming them to fit the Spim08hp cells as I have been looking for a use for them.

I had to get part of the tab up on this one side where they are harder to pull up, other side is simple.

hope it works good, taking it apart is a bitch.

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Sweet. Are you keeping the whole thing as topmount?

Meaning the massive case

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yeah, I need to add to the post how the whole top of the battery/case is actually a interesting water-cooling block. So I’m dying to put one super powerful ESC on there, and also hook up the motor to the cooling loop. That would be a first I’m pretty sure.

Battery, esc and motor all liquid cooled.

Real liquid cooling not crapor chambers lolz


Can you post dimensions of the pack


yeah let me quote some of my posts from when I was messing up and around



thank gawd it’s not fukking HOT GLUE!


just need to figure out what connector(s) I want to use but otherwise ready to run

This is to test it while I figure out how to use the plastic terminal thing, basically buy the ring terminals and get the bluetooth dongle wires to go through it.


Ok and I figured out how to bolt these down to a deck:

Flip it on it’s side and you get those bolt holes on the ends and side.

The bolts from the haggy mounts fit perfectly. Anyone know what size those are? I’m lazzy

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Maybe I missed it but how are you using this? For esk8? Or something else?

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top mount esk8 for now but it’s just a giant aluminum battery with a bluetooth bms for all your 19Ah aluminum battery with a bluetooth bms for <$200 shipped needs

Allow me to answer your question with pictures:

:warning: :poop:

The Escs have to get mounted sideways


my idea was that this is the perfect battery to stress test single motor + ESCs (more load in 1 spot)

Picking a watercooled motor is not too easy but I have these options.

or same for double the price lol

or this huge thing that might have the best $/performance

@Battery_Mooch lmao

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Yea, great idea. If you are using water cooling then you can do both the pack and that monster motor… woof.

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mine came in today


hellll yeah

see if you can crack open the DC to DC module and put ESCs inside, would need heat because the glue is pretty strong.

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@Fosterqc notice this plate sitting under the battery?
heater for the battery?


you are funny, that’s the watercooling loop silly!

Take the DC converter thing on the “bottom” off and it should be obvious, there is a stir welded chamber for the liquid to pass though.

You can smell the coolant a little.

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I’m not talking about the loop… there’s a plate above it with power going to it

that’s a peltier maybe