MBS Seeking More Testers

Hey Community,

I’ve noticed a few times over the years, including once recently, instances where your particular use of our MBS components on your electric boards pushes the limits of our MBS components beyond what they were designed for, or at least in a different direction. We want to continue developing MBS products to be the best they can possibly be, not just for traditional mountainboarding, but for electrics as well.

We’ve been doing that more and more over the years, but we can do more. We have an absolute monster team of normal mountainboarders pushing the limits of our boards. I want to have something similar in the electric space.

Can you guys offer up some names for who you think are the best riders / testers in this community? Feel free to nominate yourself. No shame in that.


  • Ideally looking for US riders first, then AUS. Won’t rule out other regions, lower priority given our US HQ and AUS R&D office.
  • Looking for electric mountainboard guys only. Might consider people on the periphery, but at a minimum we’d want to see a current build with pneumatics and probably bindings. Could potentially open it up to VERY convincing stories about future plans for that space with proven track record of sick builds and hard riding… need to think about that one.
  • Personality matters. Our current MBS team and select testers are f’ing rad positive people. They ride hard and give us super honest and interesting feedback. MBS thrives on that vibe.
  • Racing experience would be sick. Not essential at this point, but testers often overlap with team, and we’d like to go in that direction at some point.

When you offer names please include their region (short of full doxing). When we see which names repeatedly come to the top maybe we can do a poll (after checking whether those people are actually interested of course :laughing:)

Can you kick us off @glyphiks? You know how much I trust your judgement.




I would talk to (In no particular order and I know I’m forgetting some quality dudes):

*Name withdrawn by request

I’ll fire up the tiny brain and hopefully come back with more potential peeps.


Thanks Man!


Also @Dinnye obvs


:wave::wave::wave: hallo!

@zero_ads and i are in CA


Remember to let me know where you live (or where “they” live if you know).


I’m a +1 for @zero_ads and @poastoast , not sure if they have mtbs currently, but they fit the bill for sick builds, a penchant for breaking stuff, race skillz and awesome humans.

I’d vote for @Yeahthatperson (PNW) and @Venom121212 (Ohio) for current mtb builds, hard/daily riding and also awesome humans with a LOT of experience in the DIY electric scene.

Oh shit, how could I not give mention to

@rafaelinmissouri !!!

Dude has built more boards than near anyone here, rides more than any given 10 of us put together and is an absolute gem of a human.

He’s probably got 17 mountainboards he could test things on twice a day on each!

Plus his username tells you where he is!!!


+1 for poastoast


Thank you all for the kind words :relaxed:
I’m in the PNW (Seattle )
@Yeahthatperson on IG

I also, second every other nomination on this post so far. All great people :purple_heart:

Old pic;

Current off-road:
Mbs comp95 - 12s 8" tires
Mountain bro - 18s jumper 8" tires
Apex predator - 18s on 10" tires
Rally bro - 18s 8"/165mm tires

More references: Yeahthatperson's Shit Show of esk8 Breakery and Fuckery

I’ve been involved in organizing and growing esk8 racing since 2018. Organized derby days esk8 races. The first ever city sanctioned and publicly spectated electric skateboard street race.

Really digging off-road rally style racing currently and hoping to start something there

I helped build pnw esk8 collective
Former boosted ambassador
Carve SEA organizer
Probably more things too



I am happy help with testing! I think I am decent at breaking stuff :grin:

Regarding the F5s, I broke all these within the last 2 months. I had broken another ladder strap roughly an year and a half ago but I couldn’t find it now so I probably threw that one out. That was also the inner strap and broke in the same place ±3mm.

I’m located in the EU - I spend about 80% of the time in Denmark and 20% in Hungary.

For now I have the RaceBro ready to take parts for testing. And I also have racing experience, I do T-race, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, and I try to go to as many EU race events as I can make it to. With the new board I am getting close to the very best in the EU. :grin:

At the moment it has for track tires on it, but I can put my 9x3.5 turf tyres back on the widened rockstar xls and it’s gonna be an offroad beast. I can swap the 4 tires in 5 minutes once my second set of rockstar xls arrive in a few days. The picture is of my previous board with the turf tires on it

The racebro is quite a heavy board by mountainboard standards, around 23kg ±1. Still jumpable though but a little heavy for crazy jumps

I am also planning to build a jumping and mountainbike track specific board which is much lighter but tries to keep the insane torque of the racebro. I’m completely open to using any parts on that board :wink:


Oh and I would like to nominate @rich he is from the EU as well, rides crazy well, and is insanely good at jumping. Also good at breaking stuff as far as I know :grin:


+1 for @poastoast
+1 for @Shadowfax
+1 for @Yeahthatperson
+1 for @rafaelinmissouri

These people break alot of things :face_with_spiral_eyes:


@poastoast Is a gold standard for testing robustness.

As a crotchety tired person who thinks everything is bullshit, I will still confidently say that Poast is not only a talented rider, but a legitimately smart person capable of stress testing machinery to its limit.

He’s the guy.


I am currently “testing” the smallest wheels you can ride on a mountain board!!!

It’s fun.

Hasn’t killed me yet…


I don’t think there is anyone else jumping stairs like that.



@poastoast (US) can break anything from Tomiboi rims to Tesla rims, recommendeth


Lots of great riders and builders already reccomended.

I’ll add in @ShutterShock as a builder whose worked on different types of boards / parts, and is a good rider/racer/guy all round. A plus is his videos/youtube.

I’ll throw my hat in as well as a novice racer (podiumed at esk8con24), and as Exway Canada’s race technician/racer. (I’m technically in Canada, but 20 minutes away from Detroit, which is where I get things shipped)


@Tasventouras and @JeffyJ if you don’t want the northern hemisphere having all the fun


Thanks for the shout!

I’ve always been a huge proponent of MBS bindings, they’re the comfiest around. Been using mine on my mountainboard since 2021 and they’re still great, never worried about them breaking or anything, even when I continuously lift my board with them.

I have not broken bindings at all, so if you’re looking for someone to specifically break them, I don’t really know how I’d manage that lol - I don’t WANT them to break

I’ve also got one binding on the front of my raceboard, which I’ve been running since early 2023, and that one sees way more stress than the ones on my mtb, being most of the way cranked down, and then getting stretched out a lot while racing.

There’s my build thread / videos for that one. I also have a build thread for my mtb but I haven’t posted much in it. I’ve done other videos with it though, newbee gear drive install, apex airs review, the whole DIRT series, blah blah.

However, it has appeared in various youtube videos including this one:

Anyways, I’ll put some more pics in here of my boards from my phone later!

P.S. I’m not really trying to sell the content aspect of it too much here, but that just happens to be where I’ve documented a lot of the build. There’s also some other pics of it on my instagram, @rbe_motion

I have a Colab deck that I picked up from Tom that I want to build out, as well as a nazare. Still working on plans for the nazare, might copy @Shadowfax

Edit: +1 for Poast


Always happy to try break some stuff