LACROIX Stormcore ESC and iOS app info

Hey peeps,

last time I did this was close to 2 years ago day for day on a now defunct builders forum hosted by a company that no longer exists so this is making me realize that lots of things have happened since then in the commercial space, but the hardcore riders making awesome stuff are still alive and well. You just all came here :wink:

In that time, we built a board on which some dude did 83 miles on a single charge, my brother left the company, we designed our own trucks, we shipped to 16 countries and I’m no longer a lawyer (alle - fuckin’-lujah!) but our spirit has remained the same; we are always thinking about how we can push the limits of electric boarding.

So I’m really happy to make this announcement official; Jeff Friesen (@deodand) and Charles Allix (@blasto) have joined us in order to build groundbreaking stuff, i.e. really cool shit. Charles and Jeff are amongst the best engineers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing so we are really excited to have them on board.


Their first brainchild (designed, coded and built from the ground up, I don’t wanna see any more Judges!) is our new line of ESCs, named the Stormcore, available under 3 declinations; 100D, 100S and 60D (i.e. 100V dual, 100V single and 60V dual).

We will have a few declinations of this and will sell it OEM to start since we know the environments in which they are built and can troubleshoot much more easily if something happens. However, we want to be able to test them on different setups. So we want to put some in your builds (100D only with 4mm phase connectors and a hidden XT90 on board battery connector). The 100D has a footprint of 126X70X24mm.

We will have a limited number of 100D to start. We are keeping the number low so we can offer great Customer Service. We’ve made a Gsheet where you can sign up, but most importantly detail the build in which you will be putting it in (ideally above 13S but no more than 20S) and the timeline where your build will be ready to go. This is important because we need feedback quickly so if you plan on doing something in 2 months, it’s no bueno. We need boards that are almost ready to go or builders that are ready to commit to building quickly (i.e. in days or weeks, not months). The result of this testing will determine our path forward with selling retail. Price for the 100Ds would likely be around 449USD(+S&H) retail. For you guys, we would do them at 285USD(+S&H) for this test batch. Once the Gsheet is filled out by all interested, we’ll contact you directly and then we’ll post a link on our website to purchase.

iOS app;

Also, we are launching our new iOS app and need beta testers. EDIT; we will soon release a fw update for it to work with other ESCs. Hang tight, shouldn’t bee too long. In the meantime, here’s a [link] to down load it; (TestFlight - Apple). It is iOS only for now.

IMPORTANT; if you download the app, please provide feedback. To do so, simply screenshot and a menu in the app will popup to send feedback on your screenshot. Any bugs, ideas, anything. Please tell us. Note this iOS app is for the average rider. You might want a lot more details and that will be available in the “Expert Mode” switch in settings. More detail will be added as the beta progresses.

Huge shoutout to @sofu’s amazing work on this app. Rock on girl.
And thanks also to @JohnnyMeduse for having helped on this project all along in various ways.


Whaaaaat?! @Arch, @Deodand and @Blasto together?! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Wow best thing ever would happily get one if I had a 13s board ready to build

Esk8 has just got crazy

Also @MoeStooge 100mph board now


is there a motor we can recommend for this kind of voltage? looking at maytechs website even their 6396 is 2s-12s i am sure it can handle more, but how much more?


Would love to help you guys out. Have a 12s board I could drop one into tomorrow and a 4wd board that’s just missing esc’s and a battery so wouldn’t take long to finish :wink: will get that Google dock filled in.

What battery voltage to do you recommend? Is there any advantage to using a lower voltage over a higher voltage?


I have been running it on 4wd on Maytech 6374 with 13s and 18s :call_me_hand:


you should look at lower KV (around 130-140) and if Maytech did things right, that should be ok for 18S (our 6389s are identical to their 6396s - they cloned ours - and ours are rated to 18S - but better to ask them)


sorry bud, we have done plenty of testing on 12s. We need MOAR


Are you guys partnering up with Lacroix to design an ESC together?
Or what are the rumors with you partnering with Deodand

This whole project is so cool, so many questions:
Does the app only work with an stormcore/unity?
Is it a bit like a direct competitor to the


Well 4wd can have any voltage necessary. Is higher voltage better? Any disadvantages?

Can probably knock an 18 or 20s pack together in a week if needed coughs stick this on either board. The 2wd board has 6880 motors and I’m a big guy so can easily pull 100A per motor.


Not to be a greedy little shit, I would like to raise my hand for 18s 4wd. If only for a little bit, I’m close enough to Jeff to return one if you don’t want two out to a single person.

I have enclosure space and batteries that could be configured in a night.


Phew, been holding this secret forever. Glad to see it announced! Huge congrats to @Arch, @Deodand, @Blasto. Hope y’all iOS folks enjoy the app! 19S on Stormcore has been running well!




Does the google sheet doesn’t work only for me or is it already closed :thinking::joy:

Are you China? If not, it should work, it’s not closed.

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Not China, but will give vpn a try


@Arch these look fantastic, congratulations for grabbing two fine engineers in @Deodand and @Blasto!

I cant offer a HV build to test your HV ESC’s but I could offer my services as a reviewer if you need people active on social media.


Still doesn’t work. Seems to be a sign than.

We didnt design it or was a part of that, I did only give some suggestion in earlier stage to Deo about some feature request. Deo does this together with Lacroix now. But we will buy them and use them in next boards that we hopefully can release very soon.

I dont think the app is made for write settings but more for read data then write, im not sure have not tested the app yet. You can also use normal vesc app for it and metr works to.


This is a great development! Nothing better than seeing an esk8 all-star team coming together.