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Gathering Storm | Trampa HolyPro | Dual 64110 | 10S5P | VESC 6 | Hypertrucks + Falcon | Submersible

After the last day of one hellish of a semester I came home to this

Thanks @eBoosted

So I finally managed to start doing my mountain board after wanting one for a long time, my Hummie build with AT tires simply isn’t build for what I want to do with.

The goal is a worry free board in every way imaginable, it’s starting to rain? No problem. Deep loose sand on the way? Bring it on. Day long ridding thought dirt roads? The day ended before the battery

All these specs are tentative, and probably will change as time goes on, and as most of my builds, first I will just transfer what I have from other boards and then improve on it

  • Deck: Trampa HolyPro 35
  • Trucks: Trampa Infinity
  • Front drive train: Single 5055 with one way mechanism
  • Read drive train: Secret project that I can’t talk about but will be dope :wink:
  • Battery: 10S13P of Samsung INR18650-35E
  • ESC: Dual VESC 6 on the read and 4.12 or 4.20 mini on the front
  • Hubs: Trampa Superstars, maybe widened
  • Enclosures: A mix of 3D printing and laser cut stainless steel
  • BMS: Probably FlexiLite from @SimosMCmuffin

Now, for the rest of the parts I really wan’t you guys opinion:

  • Bindings: Definitely something from Trampa to save cost on shipping, MBS is simply too expensive to ship here, was thinking on the Velcro ones, I don’t wan’t to be strapped firmly in the board, just something to give stability, for me it’s a must that I can jump out of it without problems

  • Tires: At first will probably get the Treads in hard compound for the same reason as the bindings and also shipping time, getting from AliExpress is almost the same price and by the time they get here my vacations will have ended

Any other suggestions I’m all ears

And I need a name for it, really important

And for now, as soon as I have my small board up and running, I will tear down the Hummie build for parts, do some cheap mounts with laser cut pieces until the secret drive train is ready, and get a feel how it rides, if I need bigger tires and what the consumption is



Is this for acceleration or braking?

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Just for acceleration, will be enabled from the remote when more traction is needed for off road


Just asking, because I’ve pondered having a free coasting motor up front that’s only for braking.


Also, tri-motor 4WD? Does the single front motor have a diff? It’s either that or quad wheels at the back.

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My setup can work as that also

No, yes, maybe :smile:. The system works by each of the front wheel pulleys having a one way bearing inside them, this way the motor can drive the wheel when going forward but the wheel spinning won’t spin the motor, hopefully this will have little drag when not in use

Also the reduction will be dual stage with a really aggressive gear ratio, so that the torque that the front small motor can produce will be the same as both the rear motors, but only up to a low speed, it’s really meant to help on the gnarly terrain, not set any accelerations records


Sounds awesome and practical.


The only unknown is the drag of these bearings, it has to be low or it will spin the whole front drive train and increase the consumption by a lot, you just have to look at the 4x4 Baja boards, even when running in 4x2 they advertise way lower range than the 2WD one

Another way would be a manual mechanism, like some cars have that you engage by turning a know on the hub, but not as cool or practical as pressing a button on the remote


Buy the f5s and get them shipped to @DerelictRobot and maybe Klaus can bring them back to EU when he visits in January?

I’ve seen too many trampa binding users say the f5s are way better.

Congrats on finishing your semester man. Can’t wait to find out more about this secret project.


Unfortunately I’m in South America, it doesn’t help much since shipping from anywhere is a fortune, but I may have a friend that can bring them

Thanks, it’s really a relief, the closer you get to finishing the degree the bigger the pressure in no bombing again gets

The nice thing is that if all goes well, it will be available for everyone


I’ve got F5s?

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Derp for some reason I blanked and thought you were in Spain.


And another important question that I forgot, what dampas to get to start with? I will not be gearing it for speed, in my street board I max out at 38 km/h, but will probably go slower with this

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Rad man, you’re gonna have tons of fun. IF you’re not gearing for speed get something soft so you can have tons of maneuverability. Doing pump tracks or single track offroad it can be important to have.

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Congrats my fellow South American brother, I’m. Glad you got it so fast, just by looking that deck Hella good memories come back to my mind, the deck look as sweet as day one!


I would choose 9 or 10 inches wheels for sure…I will spend on that for my build, more clearance and top end speed with low kv motors…more traction, more contact to surface…just more…Bindings are a must, I use Trampa, have not try the MBS ones…And in my opinion, 12s for higher voltage output, therefore more amps to push the beast…


Best quote ever. I wanna board that can do that :heart:
Following! Hope to learn some things here for my build




Thanks Alan, would love to have you here to ride one day with me and a few others, this deck is history

My only fear is too high consumption with them, I need to keep it in check for the range I want it to have

What Trampa bindings do you have?

Will think about it :smile:


I’m envisioning it as kind of a mud crawler. You would need some good clearance.

Interested to see your designs for the front drivetrain.