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ESK8SUPPLY (DIY parts store with fast worldwide shipping) direct drive, 6.1 es controller, batteries, carbon fibre deck etc (updated: 12th Dec)

We are excited to show off our store

06 Oct 2019
We are now open for business!
The first one to use the code ‘‘luckyfirst’’ will get 20% discount for their whole order, it is a steal combined with the free shipping over £500 deal.
The next 20 people will get £20 off over £200 spent, using discount code ‘‘relaunch’’

**Disclaimer: We ship directly from China, and it will take around 6-10 days after your order, the shipping will be included after £500, (taxes will be covered by us in Europe now!) Feel free to shop around elsewhere (Alibaba/ Banggood), if you want to wait for 1 month for your parts, have customer service who might not understand your request and might not honor the warranty. Sorry for the rant, we absolutely do not want to deceive people for buying a service and products they do not want, we are basically an open book for the community to judge us :joy: **

The idea behind esk8supply is a marketplace where you can get quality parts tested by us, (we have connections with a few suppliers in China), ship to your doorstep hassle-free. We will deal with the suppliers, the warranty and shipping. We know that there are some of you like me, who can not afford a $2000+ bespoke, handmade esk8 (I’m still saving for that longhairedboy build), yet want an upgrade from your trusted Meepo/ wowgo, an entry to the DIY scene.

I hope I have made myself clear, if you have any negative comments that are not related to the service quality, or the products. Please don’t, there is no need for non-constructive comments, however, if you feel like there is something we can improve on, please say! We are open on DMs as well :call_me_hand:

Onto the new site We feel like this new design suits our vibe better. Hope you guys won’t roast us too badly haha.

In the last few months, I have been contacting loads of suppliers and testing out new parts and I am happy to say that we are stocking some nice new products on our store. We are targeting beginner/ intermediate DIY users and will be uploading build guides and videos. However, we feel like there is some good stuff for the pro-DIY builders as well.

  1. Dual VESC 6.1 based controller with smart remote For just £160 (197 usd) :open_mouth:

Probably my favorite item out of the bunch, very compact. The VESC based controller has a surface area slightly bigger than a credit card. :crazy_face: It is 100% compatible with the vesc tool, you can customise your setting like a standard VESC. Designed to run up to 12s with no problems, rated at 60A continuous. Good for hub builds, 12s light builds, commuter builds, etc. Some of you might not like this, but the vesc comes with an integrated remote that feels similar to the exway / ownboard hobby wing remote. (one of the most well regarded) In terms of functions, it is on par with the flipsky VX1.
[1|200x200] (upload://mvbjtljWthaXX9gp4dK8ss5vg7u.jpeg)
It uses a thumb throttle which feels responsive with features such as reverse mode, 3-speed modes, battery indicator and smart turn off.

  1. Integrated Carbon fiber deck

    £250 ($309)
    I really wanted to design my own, as you can see from my previous posts. However, I am pretty broke right now, so I contacted a well-known esk8 company and got some CF decks. *limited to 5 currently
    They are pretty nice and can fit a 10s4p (charge only BMS)/ 12s3P 18650 pack or a 12s2p 21700 pack in there.

  2. Direct drive 58kv comes with 105mm rubber wheels

    £299 ($369)

We know that there have been a few elofty ones floating about, but these at not them. We tried 10s with higher amps vs 12s with lower amps and felt like 58kv with 12s is the perfect way to go, good torque and a decent top speed of 28mph on 105mm wheels. (plenty of torque for bigger wheels)

  1. 60kv 105mm rubber hubs
    £169 ($208)

Similar performance to the direct drives, definitely a good choice for those who prefer standard longboard trucks.

And that’s all I can list… Check out our shop, we have custom grip tape, most colors for 97mm flywheels : purple, white,blue,green, yellow, orange,black , cheap 6-inch pneumatic, Samsung 30Q, 40T, Panasonic 2170 batteries pack, belt drive, etc.

We are offering free 6-10 days Worldwide delivery for over £500 spent. If we nothing drastic happens, we can process and ship within 3 working days. (excluding batteries)

Finally, if you have any problems and questions about the website, please tell us, we hope to make your experience the best possible! Also, let us know what other products you would like to see in our store in the future :call_me_hand:

BTW stay tuned for our official launch next weekend, we will have some limited discounts for you all :call_me_hand:

10/10/19: Tax included for EU customers

Update 11/10/19- new wheels


New build video, took us a very long time haha.
Please enjoy! Like, comment and subscribe if you like it :blush:






without knowing any specifics, calling that a VESC made me puke in my mouth abit


Good luck but please change: vesc based ESC


I remember seeing that vesc on the old form. here the link


I mean, it is all compatible with the vesc tool. Except the fact that it has a inbuilt receiver, which in my opinion, is not a bad thing. As the remote definitely a step up from the nano remote from flipsky and enertion etc.

What other remotes can be paired with it? I am in the market for a dual vesc.

I think allowing some top builders here to test your parts would be a massive help to you and us

Also if possible add some pictures for the vesc with some more information

We need to know more before buying


Yeah I understand that people need more information when it comes to new products. We will be working on letting more builders try our products. Thanks for the feedback :blush:


It will only be the remote that comes with the vesc, included in the price

Do you have a single motor version of the ESC?

Builtin receivers are an absolute “No, thanks”

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Yeah… not being able to change the remote is kinda… meh.


Love the idea of an inter grated remote

Couple questions though

  1. Can I switch the receiver so I can use another remote
  2. Is it completely compatible with the vesc tool
  3. Is there a way to bypass the switch as many people don’t like to use them
  4. Is there some sort of heat sink we can buy to cover it while also guarding it
  5. Can you show us some videos of it in action

Also the hub And direct drive motors look really similar to flipsky ones
Are they the same or something? And also for he dd is the core abec kegel or what? are they comparable with flywheels

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Camparible isn’t the right word



YouTube any cheap chinese board


Oh is this literally the standard Chinese esc which isn’t able to connect to the vesc tool

But they made this one able to

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There is definitly a big difference between a standard esc and our Vesc. I understand that some of you will not like not having the ability to switch remotes. However our controllers have more functionality that lean towards a VESC, such as the ability to programme using the vesc tool. The reason that this vesc has a intergrated receiver is partly to save space, while making it make afforable for new comers to the diy scene. (not having to dish out an extra $50 for a smart remote like the VX1 is a big plus in our opinion.)

As for a more advance vesc, we are working on it :call_me_hand:

You don’t have a VESC. You might have an ESC, based on VESC. But you absolutely do not have a VESC and if you continue to call it that, you will receive legal letters as soon as Frank notices.

It’s strongly advised to heed this advice.

You’ve been told multiple times already.


The standard Chinese ESCs are LingYi (who have 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 40 amp 3.0 but all pretty similar) and Hobbywing (who have two types; one potted with no user customisation used on budget hubs and belts; and one that is 12s capable and Bluetooth-configurable (but no usb) used in the Exway Pro.)

This is closer to the second HW version, but a question mark overall at this point.


The reciever is not switchable in this verison and yes it is compatible. I guess there will be ways to bypass the switch, however I haven’t done it and don’t actually see a reason to (very relaible).
We thought about a cover, but didn’t actually think many would want one, as our selling point for this vesc is the size. (but could look into it if many would want one).
We are working on some tutorial videos with the vesc and the direct drive etc. Will keep you posted.
hope this helps :smile:

You must be on the wrong forum, this is for DIY or do-it-yourself.

You are selling cheap china stuff.

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Yep, I have to say the remote is very similar to the hobbywing remote and the size of the vesc is similar to the hobby wing esc, hence the confusion. But isn’t it good that the remote is similar to the hobby wing remote, when the HW one is so well regarded in the prebuilt scene? Also, it is a bad thing that a meepo/ wowgo user can get into the DIY scene by changing their standard esc to this tiny dual VESC and changing the battery to a more powerful one?
I think this product can increase the DIY user base in my opinion

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