Cherry Angio | 31.5" Old School Pig | Xenith 2.1 | 12s2p P42A | Dual FSBH 6354 190kv |

What’s that foot stance called lol
Kinda impressive ngl, I’d just fall over


That stance reminds me of the electric Elos board I made. I don’t know how you can ride like that.


Says the guy riding a 45mph bike board with no handle bars.

I’ve been wanting to build with Elos or Summit/Eggboard ever since I say this

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The Elos was terrible, it was too short to ride. Any acceleration or braking would simply knock you off balance.

I may have predicted the same. Im sure the extra length and width of this board are what allow me to ballance with this goofball/executive stance.

Throttling and especially breaking is hard while riding goofball.

I have an acoustic buddy who rides like that sometimes just to freak the rest of us out. I had a lot of fun practicing that stuff for dancing but it’s still terrifying


Sounds like a cool guy :sunglasses:

Much respect to anyone who has the confidence and talent to spin and twirl on a moving vehicle. :joy:

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Haha thanks but it’s not impressive since those things get more stable with speed. Riding slow is the hard part.


My backside executive needs work :poop:

There are 10 of these spacers on this build, including 6 recessed topside of the deck.

No idea how much, if any shock dampening occurs as a result of having these in the truck holes.

It almost looks evil.




My encounter with my local Propel Endeavor Pro 2 taught me that I’ve only been riding my board at 7/10ths. I could blame it on my knee injury or the shorter wheelbase but getting the next 3/10ths out will be exciting!

Pushing this board has been exhilarating but my enclosure isn’t keeping up.

Been putting this off but it’s about time to set out my diy enclosure journey. Anyone willing to offer advice? I’m all ears.

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Read these first.

There’s also some pics and rambling on my workshop thread here RAWshop - Ross’ Alliteration Workshop - Workshops - FreeSK8


In fiberglass, there is no such thing as mistakes, only more sanding.

(You can always sand it off and rebuild it.)

The trick is doing it in such a way that you minimize sanding and cutting and using more materials.

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Here’s some fluff:

I’ve been able to hit ~31.5mph at 120-140 motor amps. Setting the 6354s to 75amps each gets me up to speed much quicker even if I don’t actually go over 130amps max.


I was able to get a pair of 45t kegel pulleys from AceDeck for $15 shipped!, Buut they’re nylon.

Now running 3.0 gearing with 15t motor pulleys and 140 phase amps, which is good for 400n of force and 30mph top speed. Also the nylon pulleys make the back end feel lighter and easier to toss about compared to metal pulleys.


:eyes: Cherry Angio is ~31.5 inches :anatomical_heart::exploding_head::raised_hands:

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+1,700 miles on her in less than one year, while living in the northeast.