Cherry Angio | 31.5" Old School Pig | Xenith 2.1 | 12s2p P42A | Dual FSBH 6354 190kv |

My Second Build. I wanted something small, portable and more maneuverable than my
Blue Dream , which became a chore to bring along while on campus.

This 31.5 inch “speed-tail” is 9.75 wide, has a 19 inch deck wheelbase, a 25 inch truck wheel base, and is ~13.5 inches wide at the wheels.

Current parts include:

Old School Pig deck
12s2p Molicel P42A
Flipsky BH 6354 190kv motors
Xenith 2.1 esc
Mboards enclosure
Flipsky 12" DKP trucks
Riptide DKP 93a kit
MAD 105mm wheels
14t/40t pulleys

This board is awesome and just fits my needs as a daily driver wether I’m on campus or on bike paths. It has plenty of torque and enough speed for most scenarios but can also cruise at >10mph without looking silly.


The custom grip tape came out great.

Enclosure, battery and ESC(replaced with Xenith).

Comparing the difference in standing platform. Cherry Angio easily beats Blue Dream.

Front end.

Ground clearance is great, and I love this back end.

Motor current max : 65a
Motor current max brake : -65a
Battery current max : 30a

Positive ramping time : .10s
Negative ramping time : .20s
Smart reverse ramping time : 2.00s

Throttle expo : 9
Throttle expo brake : 0
Throttle expo mode : Exponential

HFI samples: 16
HFI Start Voltage: 14.00V
HFI Run Voltage: 6.50V
HFI Max Voltage: 12.00V
HFI Gain: 0.100
Sensorless ERPM HFI: 3000.00
HFI Start Samples: 9
HFI Observer Override Time: 1.0ms
Per @b264, @Shadowfax


This is super awesome


The Megastoke!!!

wait? what deck exactly did you use and did you drill out the wheel base?
where are you measuring the 25 inches?

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also in the name of all that is holy put some Caguamas on there…

this I promise you will like…


Or the Gigachallenger lol

I used a cheap deck from skateshred. Had to alter stock wheelbase a bit.

I like the styling of these but the the duro and smaller size made me choose something else. I may have to reconsider.

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Wheelbase on longboards and skateboards is typically measured truck bolt to truck bolt (the closest ones) and not axle to axle like almost every other vehicle.


I was thinking truck wheelbase and not deck wheelbase. The deck itself is 19 inches between inner hole to inner hole.


this is still really long.
I wonder if it was the same deck I cut up a long time ago…

and I have found both blue and orange Caguamas to feel better than the 90 97 and even 100mm wheels that I have tried…

They are truly magical!!!


I got the Mboards 97mm wheels because they were $40 and like 72a. I’ll have to get a set of Caguamas to see what the hype is about.

Edit: 78a


you are in for a treat


cags are wonderful. Unfortunately, for my board and for NYC streets, there isnt enough clearance between the ground and the motor mount screw, so I had to go a size up and I got 90mm popocas. Those use the Labeda formula (or whatever its called) which is also great


you talking about BN mounts?

blue cags are made of magic rubber and unicorn horns melted together with dragonfire
@RipTideSports hey Brad is it in your range to make 120mm kegel core blue cags??? :eyes:




:eggplant: :sweat_drops:


Wish I could try these bigger wheels to keep the red and black rolling but they’re out of stock.


I dye most of my blue Caguamas black.


I have senor Pepe’s & they’re red/good quality I think? 90mm iirc

Not a thane guy so can’t give much personal opinion, but I’d sell if you wanted

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