Blue Dream | 39" Demonseed | Go-FOC D75 | 12s4p P42A | FSBH 6374 190kv

Hi everyone, please allow me to introduce myself. I also go by 12sV on other platforms. I’ve logged ~1,100miles on my blitzart single motor, ~2,200 miles on my meepo V3 and ~2,600 miles on my onsra DD. This is my first build, sister to my second Cherry Angio | 31.5" Old School Pig | Xenith 2.1 | 12s2p P42A | Dual FSBH 6354 190kv |


Needs Esc
BH 6374 motors 190kv
12s4p P42A Flexpack from @JoeyZ5
15T/62T pulleys
39" Rayne Demonseed
Fishbone enclosure from @Psychotiller
350mm Flipsky DKP 10mm Trucks
Riptide 13.78" DKP bushing kit
160mm TB pneumatic wheels

Special Thanks to @rafaelinmissouri, @JoeyZ5 , @NullBlox , @b264, @Nacho , @jack.luis and @frame for all major and minor helpful tidbits and gems of knowledge. You guys rock!


What do you guys think?!? … :face_with_monocle:


Test FIT and comparisons to my Onsra


How the fishbone sits




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Painted flat black


Edit: :eyes::eyes: Those lines seem so visible here…


Ouch, I hope it doesn’t fail on you.

Measure them and figure out :laughing: Power button is usually a 12mm hole, and charge port (if using a 5.5 x 2.5 barrel jack) is 10mm I believe.

Also, you can measure what belt length you need with a piece of string.

What gasket will you be using? Make sure you have it on when you measure / drill the enclosure mounting holes in your deck!


Oof wow I have never seen Onsra wheels worn down that much, that’s some serious mileage! Happy to have you in our community. Were you looking to get a battery built by someone on here?


I have cells I need to get rid of, where are you located ?

Or @Evwan wanna sell him the pack you made?

I can vouch for his work

Yeah I got a 12s4p that should fit in an Evo. I have a eboardsperu/eboosted Evo SS I can test fit

Thanks for the welcome. Yes those were 115s, now there maybe 109s lol. 2,600 miles and many burnouts. I’ve talked to a battery builder on other forums but wouldn’t mind a second or third estimate for the battery.


Battery builder from a different forum? Who?


Lol he’s on here too, good guy. I’m pretty sure his business was initiated here and then posted on builders to get more clients

@JoeyZ5 :wave:


He seems legit, his work looks quality. And he’s nearby me in Massachusetts.

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Is the Tenka vesc that unreliable?

Not necessarily, it’s a huge question mark

Our guess is that they are failed unities that were repaired, got a new heatsink, and potted.


Make sure you have a backup plan in mind when the power switch eventually fails. Loopkey, or just a regular antispark reusing the same power button hole.

Getting it repaired is out of the question I bet with the guy selling them.

If you want reliable and you have the means to do it, go for a stormcore. Speaking from experience because my unity anti spark broke and I started getting DRV faults and error codes within the first 3 months of owning it. In the end, I just sold it for $60 and took a huge loss. And I bit the bullet and got a new Stormcore for $350. Didn’t work out too well in the end. You may wanna consider selling the tenka while it’s worth something?

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