Meepo V3 ER For Sale/Part Out

Mass. US

Testing the waters. Won’t charge, bad bms or bad battery? I’m not sure which.
Newer deck (recently replaced), bumper guards, 100mm wheels, newer enclosures (recently replaced), built in bearings.

Need funds to help recoup from my first build found here:

Make me an offer.

Prices are a requirement.

You still can take offers but the part/s for sale need a set price.


Trucks : $35/pair, Deck: $55, Esc: $40, Front wheels: $35/pair, Rear motors & Sleeve: $110/pair, Battery: $100, Enclosures: $10 each, Remote: $20.


Let’s say prices are negotiable. Help a brother out!


@AviatorEsk8er see this thread for future reference


If I were to follow these prices, my incomplete board would be priced at $395. And my ESC, battery, and motors/wheels are new. Plus all my shit works.

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No traction selling your board huh.

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I was just responding to Cris. It seems your prices are low since you listed them individually, but in reality, they’re high when you combine everything. And my point was all my stuff is new. Didn’t mean to hate on your thread in any manner, just wanted to prove a point to my buddy, Cris.

Take what you like, leave what you don’t.

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I’m just talking madness as per usual :wink:

Interested in the whole thing. Give me a real price

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