Cheap (60€) kevlar hoodie? | Review

After experiencing my first esk8 fall at speed and chipping off a small part of my elbow bone, I decided to look into purchasing an armored hoodie of sorts. One of the more popular options in the community has been Lazyrolling, who sell protective gear for the upper body starting from 179$ as of the time of writing. But then I stumbled upon this hoodie for only 60€ on Amazon:

CE pads? Bright red? The price was too good not to try it out!

The few review comments on Amazon said that the hoodie was smaller than expected, but I trusted the measurements in the product description and bought a size L anyway. (I’m skinny, so you big boys probably want XL or higher) And it fits great!

The pads definitely make you look (and feel) BUFF. For comparison, here’s me wearing an ordinary red hoodie:

Here are some pictures of the inside of the jacket. All of the pads are removeable so that you can machine wash the jacket, and there’s even a waterproof pocket inside for your phone.

Finally, the hood part is removable. This is a nice touch, because you don’t need a hood if you have a helmet on :slight_smile:

What I like:

  • zippers aren’t complete trash
  • quality is great considering the price – no noticeable stitching fuckups
  • for me the size is perfect to wear it with either another hoodie underneath, or with just a shirt
  • I can open up the front to let air in to cool me down

What I don’t like:

  • The shoulder pads could be slightly higher up
  • Putting a back-pack on and off is a bit challenging
  • Doesn’t fold up as small as a regular hoodie, so it really fills up space in your bag
  • There’s a back protector, but no stomach protector

Final verdict:
I think if you live somewhere where most of the year is cold enough to wear a hoodie or jacket, this is a fantastic purchase! Putting it on / wearing a back pack is slightly annoying, so I will be skipping it for chill rides, but whenever I’m going out and choosing my full face instead of a half-shell, I’ll definitely be putting this on as well! I might be purchasing a kevlar shirt for days when I want to wear something more fashionable on the outside, but for commuting to work where you can just hang up the hoodie like you would your regular jacket – it’s a no-brainer :slight_smile: Highly recommend.

The amazon listing is gone now, but you can find the same hoodie on Ebay as well. Just search for “Kevlar hoodie” and make sure it has the 2 squares without stripes on both sides of the zipper at the bottom. (Compare photos with the one I have, and it should be easy to tell)


if only they don’t have elastic cuffs sleeves, those are annoying af

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How so?


@rusins do you have a link? thanks for sharing :call_me_hand:

Amazon germany link (expired):

Random ebay link:

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those elastic part are usually where my watch is at, so it not so comfortable


One thing I forgot to mention:

Since the pads are removable, if you wanted higher level of protection / didn’t trust the brand, you could buy a set of CE2 pads from Lazyrolling for 80€, and then put those in:

(Or, maybe it makes more sense to first buy a Lazyrolling hoodie with CE2 pads, and then if you tear that up in a fall, you could put your old pads in one of these.


What happens if you are already buff? :joy: Will it look weird?


How warm is it? Would you wear it in summer?


Ever so slightly warmer than the average hoodie. On hot days I probably would not wear it, although since it has a zipper you can let the wind cool you down somewhat.


Too bad. Days are almost hot all the time here and sometimes nights as well.

Does it have thumb holes?

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Yeah I’m thinking motorcycle flannel for hot days

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It does.
If you add a full face helmet you certainly gonna scare all of the grannys arround.

I also had an akward time with two drug dealers on a parking lot who thought i was batman or the punisher, that was scary for all of us and i’m glad nobody got harmed XD


Man that’s both scary and awesome hahaha I can just picture you raiding on your MTB in pitch black night :rofl:


Thanks @rusins thinking about getting this.
Still trying to decide between this and lazyrolling. I found this one on, but it looks like it’s the same UK seller:

and sometimes getting things shipped from the UK you get a nasty surprise with duty and taxes and stuff - so might just pay twice as much for the Lazyrolling one which I think people say is good quality?

I do notice that someone in the US is selling what looks the be the same one for only $40 “new without tags”:

It’s got the squares at the bottom of the zipper and everything.

Personally I’m not into camo tho - I want to be conspicuous in traffic - so I’m not gonna buy it but it could be a killer deal for someone.

EDIT actually the description says this


So despite have the exact same picture it doesn’t appear to be the same thing.

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Hmm actually it looks like Lazyrolling ships from the EU so I might get boned with Canadian duty either way.

How tall are you, I’m 1m80, should I buy an XL?
Thanks for the link btw

I’m 1m93, bought a large. Basically just measured a hoodie I knew fits well, and added an inch.

Sizing from original amazon link:
fit chest

  • 38" - 39" M
  • 40" - 41" L
  • 42" - 43" XL
  • 44" - 45" XXL
  • 46" - 47", XXL
  • 48" - 49", XXXXL
  • 50" - 51", XXXXXL
  • 52" - 53" lose some weight

I bought one, let’s see how it is, I took the color “Maroon” I hope it’s not that bad haha
And I hope it’s not too warm to wear during spring here

Shit, i’ve realized this too late, but I bought the one without the kevlar lining, so it’s just a padded hoodie…
Not very interested to keep it, i’ll try the ebay return service, and get the other one