Cheap (60€) kevlar hoodie? | Review

First off thank you for this, I’m probably gonna pick one up and would not have found something like this otherwise.

But more importantly the ebay ad is hilarious. The comic sans, the “blade resistance” in case you get stabbed on a skate ride, the fact it’s very clearly thrown in after the fact and they didn’t bother to match the font, size, or colour


i got this to assert dominance

they was dirt cheap on amazon


It looks like if you described tech wear to a 10 year old and told them to go wild in product design meeting, I love it


It looks… protective. Especially the back.

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it protects your virginity as a bonus too if you wear it


In case anyone is wondering: I fell a couple of days ago with this hoodie on onto my side. My leg is pretty bruised up, but my shoulder and elbow are as if nothing happened. Hoodie is barely even scuffed. HIGHLY recommend :+1:


I am confused, it is a kevlar hoodie or “heavy duty cotton fleece” as written in the description?

Not sure. It has a yellow lining on the inside which might be kevlar, although heavy duty cotton sounds more accurate to me.

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As I understand it the pads are usually made from foam, hard plastic, or some elastic material and are for impact resistance. The Kevlar component is woven into the fabric (I’ve seen other jackets and hoodies marketed as 50% cotton, 50% Kevlar) and is for toughness or tear resistance rather than impact resistance. So the short answer to “Is it Kevlar or heavy duty cotton” is just yes.


If you can find a bit if extra material, like a fold over along the hem for example, then you could try putting a flame to it. If it’s Kevlar it shouldn’t burn/melt.

if it’s thick cotton, like jeans, it won’t burn either

I ended up buying a kevlar+pads shirt/jacket because I’m not much of a hoodie guy. I’ll update here when it arrives to let you folks know if it deserves the same praise

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The fringe will still take a flame

You guys think this is the same type of hoodie?
€60 + €7 shipping

Definitely a different one, but might be just as good :man_shrugging:

Yeah it looks like a very similar level of protective stuff to mine, definitely a different design but I think it should function well. I’m actually wearing my denim one without its pads out for a trip around town at the moment lol

I bought a board this week, got a helmet for it today but I feel like I need some more protection to feel relatively safe so probably gonna order that hoodie, some knee pads and some gloves ^^
Anything else you guys would recommend?

This is the thread you should read:

Personally I find that I only barely injur my knees whenever I fall, so I don’t wear knee pads. And unless I’m doing a new route / new board / riding fast, I might ditch the kevlar hoodie too. Gloves I wear almost always though, because even on small / goofy falls your hands get fucked up without them. And of course, if I don’t have a helmet I don’t ride at all.

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I ate shit at 35~40km/h in my padded jacket that seems to have the same internals and similar manufacturing to this, can vouch for it doing a pretty respectable job. The landing managed to rip my watch off and break my belt for some reason, but the impact on the elbow and shoulder I landed on was reduced down to a much more dull wide pain

We’re all good though, I’ll take some pics if there’s any damage to the jacket when I get home

Update: nah it’s a bit muddy but there’s no tears or visible damage


Hmm, I still believe 60$ is way too much for a hoodie. I understand that it has a lot of benefits.