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It seems like the max motor and battery amps are different than before the BIOX went out of stock. It was
240a battery max
250a motor max

Now its
220a battery max
220a motor max

Did something change with the construction of them or? Im not maxing them by any means but interested in the change.


Nothing changed. Just like to keep a better margin.


Got a few 205kv in stock, will be the last ones, wont restock 205 again: 65100 5400W Motor ‚Äď Bioboards Eskate

We will now stock the latest version of reacher 6495 motor, pre oder with a reduced price!
Of cource with our great sensor connector with vesc side for it inluded!

10mm shaft 27mm long so usally no need to cut the shaft for geardrives!
Perfect KV for most boards, 145!


We now have our new baseplates in stock with intergrated tunnel riser (to hopefully satisfy @glyphiks :sweat_smile: ) And thanks to @RipTideSports for the original design of the tunnel riser!


That is too cool!

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nice one! gotta make assembly heaps easier than stacking risers too!


We got the reacher 6495 in stock now, thanks for the pre-orders! Perfect if you want a nice connector solution, high performance and will use it for geardrive ( 27mm shaft so fit most without cutting it) and 10mm shaft. 145kv.

X-plate in stock: