All new 2019 vesc-tool

For 2019 Benjamin has packed a nice present for the community.

The new VESC-Tool is super convenient to use and is prepared to work seamless with upcoming hardware releases. Everything is fully automated and in consequence the complete setup is now nailed with 3 to 5 clicks only. Setting up a dual or quad drive takes just as long as setting up a single VESC.

These are some of the new features you will benefit from:

  • Auto motor detection including sensor detection for all VESCs simultaneously.
  • Motor detection in FOC open loop
  • automatic and accurate settings for motor (can still be manipulated manually).
  • FW updates to all VESCs in one hit
  • VESC Rescue via SWD PROG (use a VESC to flash another bricked VESC)
  • Configuration of all VESCs in one hit
  • Profiles (top speed, current limits, power limits, brake etc.)
  • Profiles changeable while actually riding the board (you can’t feel the switching)
  • permanent and non permanent profiles
  • profiles are written to all VESCs simultaneously and instantly
  • Smooth low speed braking capabilities (braking close to stand still)
  • Analogue cockpit (speed, power, rpm, duty cycle, current, battery)
  • Statistics and estimated range (really accurate now)
  • Data from all VESCs is now used to calculate the values
  • Board can be given a name
  • Communication between remote, phone/tablet and VESCs simultaneously (triangular communication).
  • pairing of remote and phone/tablet to VESCs (stops others to interact with your VESC/board).
  • new remote features to allow display of values on remote
  • The new VESC-Tool is fully prepared to work with the upcoming hardware releases
  • The new VESC-Tool will be fully compatible with older hardware like 4.xx
  • Support for UAV-CAN (e.g. for multicopters and robots)
  • and many more…


This is the mobile version of VESC Tool, which can be used to configure VESC-based hardware over BLE. It can also be used to stream live data, update the firmware and many other things. For details, visit For VESC Original hardware, see To connect to a VESC over BLE, a compatible BLE module is required. They can be purchased here: you can also build …




The tool is still at version 1.13 correct?
Any sneak peek of new functions coming soon?


Quick reminder for people that don’t want to support Trampa. Vedder has written instructions to create your own dongle at a fraction of the cost here


You can do that and I also posted it here on the forum.

You will need some soldering skills and the result depends on the quality of the module you buy. Please also note: These are usually non shielded modules.


My understanding that shielding is a safety feature to prevent interference, is this correct?

In which case it would only really be a benefit if you are using ble for board control, not a direction I’ve seen the community moving towards.


NRF just works so much better than PPM, that I can hardly think of a reason to stay with PPM.
Stability, Setup, RT-Data, Cruise Control, Profiles etc.

Personally I will be sticking with PPM for control, its cheap, I’ve never had an issue with its stability nore the level of feautures it provides.

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I can just shamelessly remind everyone that the best module for VESC Tool is Metr Pro :stuck_out_tongue:
The only module that implements encryption and secure BLE pairing :sunglasses:


How does it handle official VESC-Tool NRF updates and remote connection?

simultaneously and instantly in one hit :muscle:


So I can SWD Program it and fire on Benjamins FW and you can still get access to metr.
I highly doubt that.

PPM reverse will be part of the next Version. THX for helping Benjamin via PR.
FOC Motor Wizard will let the 4.xx stay in FOC, but there will be warning.
Some new, very interesting stuff is also in the works.


@Trampa, you should create a VESC_tool thread here too. I can’t speak for everyone, but I rarely venture there anymore.


Is this an update to the existing VESC Tool or a new app?

They are all built together. App and the desktop application. This new thread parallels the thread on the other forum.

A guide in, mostly, pictures to configure a pair of VESCs/VESC based ESCs(connected over CAN bus) using the android app from app store(you should be able to get it from the vesc_tool webpage too). Let’s start.

Search for your BLE connection, select and hit connect. Select the 750gram motor. Select override and enter the correct number of motor poles(number of magnets). For elofty it is 20. The max power loss is used along with winding resistance to determine safe values of motor current for you. We’ll set the motor current later so you can just leave the “Max Power Loss” at default value.

Then select number of cells in battery and the total capacity. Vesc uses this number to decide the battery ± Amps. You can change that later if you want.

Now Click INPUT to configure your receiver, in my case it is a ppm receiver.

Notice that I have selected control type as “current”. This allows me to go in reverse direction. But I am using it to get much stronger brakes(active braking) with direct drive motors. However the problem is the once it stops, it will start to accelerate in reverse direction and you might fall. So we counter that by putting a limit on the reverse speed. You’ll see later. Also make sure to enable traction control. Also make sure to enable traction control

The default values of motor current is conservative(so that you can’t overheat the motor), but we often like that torquy start, so let’s bump up the max current. For my direct drive motors I prefer, +50/-60Amps. It’s found under Motor CFG-> General+Current.

Do this for the second vesc too by clicking “scan can bus” first and then clicking “activate”

Finally let’s make sure that with “current” mode, out reverse speed is restricted to a crawl. Under Profiles, set the max speed in forward and reverse direction. You can also restrict power(like the watt mode in ackimaniac)


hey @Trampa could you talk with Benjamin about possibility to add serial connection to mobile view app? I am trying to run this stuff on 7" touch screen and mobile ui only has BLE connection while my vesc are connected via usb directly to it :slight_smile:

Now with reverse and better data logging…